Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking a soft and perhaps LONG bow from my blog

Hello people. How is everyone doing? I seem to be missing a lot in blogsville though I've been abit down lately and unable to write or log into blogger.

Happy new year to you all even though in this part of the world(Nigeria), the new year was greeted with 'Happy new petrol price and subsidy removal" so at times, I stutter when I have to use that salutation(happy new year) because it awakens some sort of angst and trepidation in most people's eyes. Well, its still a new year and its TIME to OCCUPY the streets till fuel price comes down, till a wasted government tightens their belt and become accountable, till we all realize the importance of good governance/how to serve people. I am for the voice of the oppressed, the ordinary people, the masses and the widows and the people, so for that reason am OCCUPYing too lol.

I may just be a long time away from blogging and that's not to say I've shut this page down, but for now i cannot keep up with it. However, i will be back sometime in future.

Please let's hook up on
facebook: ENOBONG EKPOTT FEMISIN-OLUWAWUNMI(very long name,lol)
Twitter: @enybeeskiosk
and my emails are:,

Hope to hear from you, and you and YOU. God bless you immensely this year amen.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long time away from blogging

I just had to come back and dust off the cobwebs from this page. I have been either too lazy to blog- my phone was stolen days after our marriage ceremony and my husband's laptop is always with him at work and by the time he's home,its too late to blog- or too busy adjusting to the new life...marriage :).
Thanks to all who have stopped over to check on me, i am so grateful to YOU.
It's been two months since we hooked up and its awesome so far learning to live with someone from a different descent, tribe, with a different cultural value though bound by FAITH in Jesus yet having to agree with the others belief system, its awesome. I am so sure its not easy marrying/living with me(sorry to say that i mean what i say) but one thing I have appreciated so far in my husband since I knew him is that he's a PEACEMAKER and one quick to apologize no matter who's at fault,he doesn't have a heart for malice and grudge(yet i do,shamefully). That makes me love him so much. Its been so awesome having a companion, friend, brother and HUSBAND i can BOLDLY call my own, someone I can pray with and show love. My heart is RED with joy. I remember attending the EXPERIENCE(a musical concert organized by the HOUSE OF THE ROCK church in Lagos,Nigeria) alone in subsequent years and how i would feel so lonely because i had no one to hold hands with, rest my head on and joke with anytime I noticed something exciting or weird. Though I attended 2007 and 2008 concerts with people who were either married or "paired", I still felt that loneliness especially when i glance at couples dancing,playing and eating together. This year, i had the privilege of going there with MY HUSBAND, yes MY OWN MAN lol. Thank God for this opportunity and more, I am eternally grateful to HIM.

Well, after one, three, five and ten years i pray to have the BEST stories to tell about my marriage and I hope we will be a good example to so many. We hope for the best even in a world of troubled marriages, ours won't be rated as such for the Lord who made marriage will HOLD OUR HANDS and walk us through, amen. As always, we make HIM the HEAD and the center of this union,trusting HIM to paddle us through every storm, challenge, and dry seasons.

p/s: Sorry i posted those pictures "unprofessionally", the browser is too slow to make adjustments, bear with me :).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog LUNCH break and the BIG DAY in view :D

Hope we had a fantastic weekend and expecting a great week ahead.
Hello my blog community,how are we? I've not been committed to blog rounds lately and please pardon ‎​​me oh,some people at this stage in my life would understand what I mean ;) LOL. Ok let ‎​​me drop some of my testimonies: I got ‎​LEGALLY MARRIED on the 25th of August 2011and I'm beaming with smiles because God has "done ‎​​me well"(God is good to ‎​​me). I've actually been preparing for marriage all these years though I'm still a JJC wife(I'm a new kid on the block and learning the ropes daily) but right now,I have less than a month to plan for the ceremonies ahead of us. There's so much to be done though I'm calm,cool and collected as if "nothing de." I mean I'm cool and waiting patiently for the D-DAY trusting God to make the ceremonies glorious.

So let ‎​​me officially take my lunch break from blogville till I'm done with wedding plans,I'll try as much as I can to read posts and make comments. In case I'm unfaithful to your blog,ABEG PARDON MOI oh cos I'm running behind time now.
Before I sign out, make una de join mouth pray for our ceremonies o,make sun smile and day bright...will be right back.
Gracias blog pallies :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi to all my dear readers, I've not been following blogs lately- at least from Thursday till now so I've probably missed some post. Its been a very busy weekend and not had the slightest time to read blogs,will do so accordingly.

Blogging has taught ‎​​me that life/relationships at all levels is a two way thing- Father-children, God and His people, husband-wife, boss-"servant"(employer/employee), blogger to blogger,‎​ℓ☺ℓ - and relationships require a lot of patience, time. respect, commitments and lots more.

Blogging says to ‎​​me,"I am community" of people who love to write, share and have feedback/comments. I enjoy writing so people can read, but I MUST also enjoy reading people's blogs and dropping comments. This curbs a self-centred attitude, opening ‎​​my heart/mind to learn so much from people, widen my knowledge, understand people's perspectives about life and lots more. To say the least, blogging is fun and more fun when its two way!

However,I thought to put up a little post to say that GOD HAS BEEN AMAZING! I ​​​am not only talking of a God in the good times but a God who "remains God" in moments when the battle looks fierce and tough. God is ever present fighting unseen enemies and using every situation to shape, groom and beautify us for days ahead. Thank God he doesn't have to expose us to battlefronts because in Him is VICTORY. Honestly, a lot of us can't fight alone and no "super-humanness" can help. Its ONLY by His mercies we aren't consumed.

As a person, I'm learning to rest from musing over hardships,challenges, fearful times etc to say GOD IS AWESOME. God has proved to ‎​​me that he's got ALL things in control. I don't mean to steer up some empty sentiments and some superficial praise here o but a genuine one to celebrate a GREAT and MIGHTY God . My desire to remain thankful to God is to teach ‎​​me to rest, rely on Him and believe he's in charge. I'm learning to look away from everything to celebrate God's mercy, favour, grace and help.

I encourage all reading mine to STOP and THANK GOD for: life, hope,courage to forge on, victory, health, salvation, family, love, good jobs, a better tomorrow and all what not. Take it from ‎​​me, GOD IS THE GREATEST of all beings this world could ever have for in him is LOVE and LIFE so he deserves our sincere gratitude.

Have a splendid week ahead thanking God as ‎​you go.

Btw, I have loads of testimonies to share so watch this space in a couple of months :D.

Monday, August 15, 2011

...On Victory side

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who encouraged ‎​​me on my last post and thanks to a blogger/friend who's telephone call refreshed my heart a week ago.

For years now,I keep a journal where I scribble everything - my thoughts,personal experiences, nuggets from books/blogs/devotions and words spoken by people. Some of the things in my journal are written in my native language- Ibibio- for ‎​​"me,myself and I"‎​ to read ℓ☺ℓ.
Through the previous week, I penned down every obstacle I encountered and the encouragement I received. On Tuesday the 9th I wrote;

"Just when I thought I was crossing the last hurdle, another is set before ‎​​me. Every hurdle I encounter takes ‎​​me a notch higher. Though victory is sure, I learn (to grow)on the tracks."

I'm on a race peering at the finish line -at least for all the present challenges. I don't want to feel like a woman overly challenged by situations or constantly moaning over problems but one who faces them with a winning attitude. I'm learning to rejoice in God for the marvellous things he's done while fighting every set back like depression, self pity,anxiety,fear and the like because I'm really bent on finishing strong. For ‎​​me finishing strong requires running a race and running this race entails crossing several hurdles to emerge a winner.

No athlete in history has broken a world record sitting on the start up line? None! Usain Bolt's performance in the last Olympics amazed so many because he broke records and won several titles. He didn't come to the track to practise or lose,but win.

I read/watched an inspiring story of one of America's Olympic Champions "Gail Devers" who was diagnosed with "Graves disease" in 1990. She recovered and returned to the tracks and in 1991, Gail won a silver medal in 100m hurdles. I guess in the same ‎​year,in another competition,she stumbled on a hurdle and fell into the fifth position. In 1992/1995,she retained her goal title. At the age of 40, Devers edged 2004 Olympic champion Joanna Hayes to win the 60 m hurdles event at the Millrose Games in 7.86 seconds - the best time in the world that season and just 0.12 off the record she set in 2003. Through her career, she's won about 14 gold medals, and 4 silver medals. Awesome!

I can only imagine how these athletes battle injuries, diseases, disqualification/loss yet are determined to win the next competition and refuse to give up. So why should I fall out of the race of life?

I'm not a skilled athlete but I'm conscripted by the Lord to run the FAITH race and finish it gallantly.
I've asked myself severally if there could be a moment/time without challenges? As I hop over one hurdle another springs up. But how will I win if I don't scale over...? Sometimes I cross over with ease but many times I miss the mark. Yesterday, I failed so greatly,I hit the hurdle and fell in pain, regret, guilt, shame, etc leaving ‎​​me bruised. But today,I'm up with vigour and strength anticipating victory.

As Paul the Apostle said, "just as an athlete either follows the rules or is disqualified and wins no prize...", I ​​​ENOBONG is in this race to win. Like Paul,I want to say;
"I have fought the good fight,finished the RACE and remained FAITHFUL and now the PRIZE AWAITS ‎​​ME."

The truth is, VICTORY is sure, Christ guaranteed it eon years ago. I'm convinced that the race may not be to the swift neither will it be easy but its for the brave and courageous. I will keep running this race till I'm welcomed ‎​​home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I will emerge stronger and better!

Hey people,
How has August been so far? Let ‎​​me start by saying Happy Birthday to a blogger who blesses my heart a lot: JAYCEE, may God's word be a light unto your path and a lamp for your feet to stride daily,amen.

Blogging from my phone "no bi beans" o(isn't so easy),scrolling from one end of a blog post to the other at a time can be tedious for my eyes,even going from one blog to another is something I don't really fancy on my phone because I can't get a full view of the blogs I follow.
So I've really not been able to follow/read most blogs or make comments on some like Le Dynamique Professeur, The Relentless Builder et al- perhaps their settings don't permit comments from phones save PCs. Its easier to open many windows on a PC so one can easily read one after the other.
Then yours truly,"internet providers" in our dear country Nigeria can sometimes be phony. Well...what can I do for now? Now I can appreciate the inventions of laptops,PCs,IPADs etc. Pls bear with ‎​​me if I've not made comments on your blogs lately,will soon get a modem for my laptop ;-)

Its been very chilly these days,nice weather though and VERY challenging I wish I can write everything I've been going through on my blog. I actually wrote a short prayer to God on Monday which I REALLY wanted to share here perhaps it would lift another soul passing through really trying times like ‎​​me. But then,I remember prayers are made to God not to man eventhough we pray-corporate prayers- aloud in church gatherings and men affirm with the AMEN to say "let it be or so be it". For now, I don't have a nudge to share the teary-eyed prayer(well not yet) till God permits....

Last night,I drew a firm conclusion that "tough times don't last as tough people do and I'm not giving up,no Never". Though I fall,I will rise riding on eagles wings. I shall not see shame because I wait on my Father so will I trust in Him alone. I ​​​am assured that the Lord is on my side 'cos I'm the apple of His eyes hence my pain is His pain. Though I'm crushed,weighed down and troubled,I will look to the rock from whence I was hewn.

To be very sincere,I have questioned God enough today but He remains ALL-knowing even when I don't have all the answers to my challenges. One thing is certain; "God will remain true even when men become liars-so says the word."

Friends,these are NOT cliche and Christianese-in fact I've realised that I find it so hard to share clichés when I'm in pain- but this is the SUREST WORD,the very truth of our existence, an ASSURANCE and an essential progression through life- THE WORD(JESUS). I just remembered that as pilgrims on this side of life,trials MUST come but in them we must be of good cheer for God has given us victory on all sides.

So may challenges draw us closer to the Father,may we hunger for God over the material benefits we always ask and command Him for,may God become the truest friend and lover we've ever sought to have, may trials groom,prune and prepare us for days ahead AMEN.

Please read Psalm 25 today. That was yesterday's WORD for ‎​​me.

P/S: LDP, I read your note on facebook and it addressed my situation and encouraged ‎​​me as well. I will peruse that note again right away. May the word of your mouth and meditations of your heart be acceptable to God,amen. Thumbs up guy ;)