Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Child's heart

Psalm 131
Emphasis on verse 2 "But I have stilled and quieted myself,
Just as a small child is quiet with its mother. Yes, like a small child is my soul with me.

One thing God's trying to teach me is knowing how to remain quiet when I seem not to understand, to calm my "busy" mind and let it become as vulnerable as a child's- learning to believe or believing all I'm told by God.
A child believes when he's told "Don't worry, I'll buy you bla bla". He just trust mum or dad not to fail. David asked God for that kind of heart.
David knew that a heart which believes God as a child is devoid of pride or haughtiness. A child's heart is simple, easy to penetrate and gullible.

A child will never bother himself over waking up, eating, going to school,etc. Every detail of his life is run by someone and he is rest assured that mummy or nanny is at his beck and call. It baffles me how children are by nature born with such an "easy to fool" heart?They so easily believe even if it may be a lie.
A haughty, proud and worried heart can't be found in a child but a man who's grown to know the "good and evil", who's encumbered by life's challenges, who's taught self dependence,who's an expert at logic and reasoning,takes things for granted and even believes he's in charge(not needing any man's pity or help).His heart is somewhat deceitul and lifted towards God. A man who does not have a child's heart is not ready to receive from the Lord.

David, one of Israel's profound kings, with opulence and greatness. He was a great warrior, a man after God's heart, gained popularity from all nations and had a lot of glory. David was no force to reckon with,he won all his battles save for a few God used to chastise Israel. Yet he approached God like a child.He knew how to win God's attention.He saw God as a caring mother who's bossom he could find succor and warmth.He knew how to lie on Gods breast in torubled times. Don't forget that will all his authority and power, he was one of the most embattled king so for him trusting and hoping in God at all times was his only saving grace.
Let's reread Psalm 131 and verse 2 again;
"But I am calm and quiet,
Like a baby with its mother.
I am at peace, like a baby with its mother."

David refused to depend on the chariots and horses of Israel. He knew POWER BELONGS TO GOD and not him.He knew pride and a haughty eye or spirit only puff people up and reduce them to nothing so he chose the easier way, to hope in the Lord forever as a child.
I pray God to give me a heart(just as David longed for)that is simple, gullible in all things lest I take God for granted. I pray for a gullible towards God(and not the things of this world), knowing to trust and hope against hope.

Loving thots

I found a shoulder I can wedge my burdened head,
I've seen palms to cup my tears.
I know listening ears and a mouth which speaks tenderly.
I've met feet that'll take the extra mile just to relief weariness;
I now know lips that will touch mine tenderly,hands that'll wrap me up lovingily and
a body that'll bring warmth.
I know love, care and pampering I've never received.

I know you're my superman, I enjoy your love...
Je t'aime mon cheri!