Saturday, March 12, 2011

A recap of my Birthday :-)

I ​​​am 30 how about that?
Feels like a childhood veil was ripped off my rather bold personality(I ​​​am big mind ‎​you) and a new cloak of the BIG ONE(30 years on earth) has been put over ‎​​me. I feel like I ​​​am in a new stage of very great responsibilities and a new level which will include; "wife-hood, motherhood, ministry-hood and entrepreneurship,etc. I believe its another level of deeper and newer dimensions with God,giving my tithe(myself included), time, etc to bless people and glorify God.
This is when I feel like a Josephine who may probably not rule over a nation but be put in charge of the Lord's business and being a faithful steward and custodian(God help ‎​​me here because I ​​​am lacking). I don't know so much of what He will have ‎​​me do but he sure will prepare and equip ‎​​me for days ahead. I ​​​am EMERGING gradually thanks to God.
I feel so honoured to be alive. For people who have a strange religious belief about birthdays, I beg to differ because the birth of Christ brought joy, hope, restoration and grace to Israel. And since I have the mind of Christ, he chose one day on the Calendar of man to bring ‎​​me to the earth. My birth was not a mistake,it brought joy and at thirty, instead of mourn I ​​​am being celebrated(not trying to boast in myself) by God and men. Check this out: if ‎​you think a day in anyone's life isn't worth celebrating, lie silent in the grave with cotton wools stuffed in every opening in your body and try to die...well I choose life as I ​​​am so glad to live because its not my time to live this side of life and the dead cannot praise the Lord(I live to praise the Lord). I ​​​am so glad to be alive at 30 and I look forward to another 30 years on earth doing God's will.

I wish I had a lot of money to throw a bash for just with few friends and family, but instead of moan over limited funds, I made the best of the day. I went to pick a small cake a dear friend made as my ‎​gift, then my bobo took ‎​​me to see a movie(I ​​​am not used to visiting cinemas), then sat around at a tush BUKKA(never mind it was not TFC or Chicken Republic) to eat hot Amala and soup, took a long stroll and then headed ‎​​‎​​home and made the day worthwhile. He made this birthday most exciting :) :) :))...yeah,‎​ℓ☺ℓ excited to know he's the "best half" for the future.
I won't forget my usual Birthday Eve trend: "Limited amount of sleep, staying up to dance,sing,pray and take calls(really didn't dance so much this ‎​γεαr)."
My phone buzzed from the day before to 2am or there about when I slept-not even sure what time I dozed off-and by 5 or so I was awake to see my battery almost flat with so many messages still reeling in. My facebook page and "inbox" were simply overwhelming. It may sound like a tradition to have birthday wishes but I ​​​am sure many people mean so well to stop by to drop a line. The best of it all is that MOST messages are prophetic confirmations of the things God has said in the past established for the future.
It was a fun day and I look forward to GREAT days ahead,