Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I’ll be for you a shinning star to illuminate your drifting feet.
I’ll soothe your soul to the tune of my undying love for you.
Your eardrums will find no rest, re-echoing my unexpressed tender care.
I’ll crush your lips with my kisses and will drown your figure with the sight of me.
I’ll keep you warm with an embrace of a million never fading love,
Be mine forever.

Je t'aime Beaucoup

Even if it takes my last breathe to speak,
If all that’s left of me is my left to hand to scribble words;
And I can only hear with my left ear,
Though my left heart alone palpitates,
And I produce sounds under my tongue.
Even if it’s the last drop of saliva left in my mouth or I become a one eyed man,
I will still be bold to look into you and say
I LOVE YOU my boo….

TE AMO...!!!


Anytime you walk across the hall my heart skips,
I can’t keep my eyes away from the wave of your body,
I follow your shadow till it fades.
My heart responds to the echoes of your shrilling voice;
Your melodious voice reverberates in my brain and sweeps me off my feet; I stagger like a drunken lover.
You are my new wine and my newly baked bread.
My hair stands on end because of your whispers.
My heart beats for your love.


I will love you and not leave you,
Will keep you in my heart and not lose you.
I relish the day our eyes clicked,
My cheeks blushed into several colors.
I couldn’t hide I felt you, got attracted and my heartbeat quickened.
I’ll take you into my future, and my past will never matter.
I know we can travel miles together, we can walk the “red road” wrapped in one bond singing our love song
I love you babie….


You know what I see each time I look into your eyes? I see me
And that explains my deepest love for you.
Each time I dig into my heart, I find reserved the biggest chunk of my being just for you.
I love you more than I can imagine and I pledge to love you ever my pearl.

Take my Heart and Love me Cherie!

I have absolutely nothing to loose. I have only my love to give, perhaps my heart to lose.
If I lose it, let it be found by you my love.
Take it, take it to the hills.
Have it, run with it to the far mountains and cherish it for just the two of us.
I want to keep it in your treasure as a valuable gem;
Am not afraid to lose my love to you as long as am sure its in your bosom.
Hold it, I say, have all of me for I know no other save you.
Pamper me my love; caress my love for its stored up for you.
Carry it in your laps for it soothes like balm then will you know am committed to you.
Go on and romance the only love I have for you after GOD.

My resolve is to love you till we turn gray, to bask the rain and bear the scorching sun together; to bear your load and wipe your tears is all I want to do.
And though we disagree and throw tantrums like children, we’ll makeup as friends and forge ahead.

I vow to be a friend, a mother, a sister, a confidant and wife.
Though the path is thorny with mutual differences, and encumbered by life's issues, we’ll stand strong as a team to win every battle with God as our Head Coach.
I choose you a zillion times over,
And I reiterate for the umpteenth time:
If I lose my heart, let it be to you my love.

Je t'aime MON CHERIE!

GOD AND ME this cool morning....

He called me TAMAR last night meaning an edible date palm, a tree which survives desert hostile environmental conditions but is a sweet nourishing fruit and beautiful to the eyes...hmm my emotions rocked and danced to hear such sweet compliments.
I called him my BOAZ and i just went through the Hebrew meaning of the name and it means Swiftness, strength , really is he?

I got a bit disturbed this morning and the wrong thing to do is to run to a man to solve the equations. I asked my second in command and he gave me some answers that made me scream like a recalcitrant child who walks away more feeling dejected....LORD you are my ever present help in time of need and no human counsel can solve the emotional issues i feel now.

Its YOU and ME now, not me and some wise sounding counsel. I think i need to stop looking for human approval and affirmation. I will gladly take those stringent rules and regimented counsel based on human experience but LORD did you not say "Let all men be liars and ONLY GOD be TRUE so what do I do in this case? I do not want to disobey my leaders and carry some consequences that will affect my relationship with you and men? So what do I do?

I need a clear cut instruction, remember you told me to obey the words in PSALM 32 vs 8? You said I, Eno not men, will lead and guide you, you said; "I will guide you along the best path way for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.???". Lord instruct your loving daughter.I know there is a place for counsel but human counsel will not outclass God's.

The reason we do not hear GOD is because we prefer to listen to men, we are not so disciplined to go into the inner chambers to seek GOD. Esther went in to meet the king against laid down laws.She broke the rules because she was in a desperate situation which the king alone could solve.Let us go to the king in the inner chamber away from strange voices and the noise of buying and selling, human inclinations and assumptions.All MUST fade away till we can hear the KING like Esther did. She left Mordecai behind as well as her aides/maids, we told them to pray though she listened to Mordecai's advise, she only capitalized on what she heard and that pushed her into HIS presence.
I will enter in and put an end to all the approval am too used to,i will quiet my spirit until i CAN HEAR him. Isaiah 30: 15 says;

"The Sovereign LORD, the HOLY One of Israel says; "Only in returning to me and WAITING for ME(GOD not man) will you be saved.In QUIETNESS and confidence is your strength." AMEN.

I have learned in my little life here that our relationship with God is so personal that one thing could be right for one and it's not a conviction for another. Example, i eat bread and my brother thinks bread is a sin. Even though Paul had said that for peace and the faith of weaker ones, we should try our best at giving up what will cause another man to sin. If my bread will cause my brother to sin, i have to stop eating bread.But again, i ask, won't this amount to living for everyone's conviction? If everyone will have a conviction and compel every other person to do as he thinks then LEGALISM sets in, Man-made laws and systems will be erected etc.

As i woke this morning,i read 2 Peter and then i found out that the things which pertain to "life and godliness" are not mystical, they are not outside of us, they live in us, they are the life of the Spirit. Jesus is health to my bones, he is my food and water.Does that not speak of him being me and me Him?If i am to know Jesus better and better,does it mean he is a LAW written on paper?Or he is a spirit with LIFE? I believe my knowledge of him on a daily basis must be birthed in me(that the mystery) just as Mary bore the power of the Most High and the power of the Spirit.Jesus is not a written down law, he is a spirit.

My thoughts are raving and roving, so don't mind if its sounding "jumbled up" and divided into forks- LOL....sorry friends. But in conclusion on all matters, llet MAN MADE laws not override the mind of God. Let us ALWAYS ask God what he expects us to do,seek GOD's will in every matter like mine, i am asking GOD what to do in this "anonymous, nameless " matter, sorry i have not mentioned the details of the matter plaguing my mind. I think I am just worrying and I sense that i should LIVE by FOLLOWING THE SPIRIT. I will talk about this matter comprehensively in days to come just stay tuned and don't feel crucify me for writing a script filled with suspense-i no bi film director or actor, abeg no vex people!!!

I implore my friends to plsssssssssssssss pray for me to hear GOD and not man.GRACIAS!