Tuesday, August 17, 2010


A faithful man who can find? He is a gift...

He is God's custodian and his wife is blessed to have him.

He does not possess the mind of a wolf,

He is as gentle as a lamb.

He does not have the mission of a hawk; he has the heart of a caregiver.

He has not come to strip her innocence, but to tend her garden.

Though he has the body of the first Adam,

He has been recreated to resemble the second Adam.

He is far from the serpent that slithers through rocks and caves to cajole and deceive;

He is a dove bearing the symbol of peace.

You won't call him a woodpecker or a grasshopper, for he is a man of integrity who stands before the courts keeping every word he utters.

He is not a lion seeking to devour and conquer weaker vessels.

He is an honorable Son of Zion seeking to protect, pamper and watch her back at all times.

He is a man of one woman and wife;

Each time he uses the four letter word it comes from a pure heart.

He is not a vulture hopping from one crib to another, nor does he make empty promises to every woman he meets.

He does not have the flesh and blood of a womanizer but seeks a woman of his dreams.

He has no room nor time for the dating game but desires his "rib-bone"

and patiently waits for ONE he can call his wife.

God honors his faithfulness and enables him find a GOOD thing.

At the altar he kneels, making vows to the wife of his youth.

Though he is NOT a PERFECT MAN, he is a husband to BEHOLD.

He is a Husband of one wife, a Father to nations, a leader over his home

And a priest bearing God's mind and following His instructions.

Daily does he gather his household to seek the Lord and he is an example of Christ in his home and neighborhood.

He is a man of peace, endued with God's spirit, not given to strong drink or debauchery.

He provides for his family because God's right hand is upon him and helps the needy hence attracting God's blessings.

The faithful man arms himself with wise friends and workmen because he knows the company of fools leads to death.

He buys wisdom and stands for truth to guide him through life. He listens for God's voice and

never does he make a move based on his intuition.

He is a confident man and his wife adores respects and submits to him.

He respects her prayers and does nothing without her consent.

She speaks well of him before her friends, pats his back when his discouraged and calls him a gardener of a fruitful vine.

Through torrents and storms of life, through the rain and the sun, they are ever armed for the day of battle.

He will never brag in his wealth or glory in his abilities; he realizes that God is his Lord, His source and sure foundation.

On account of his unusual wisdom, he serves as the head of his extended family and he binds them together so that the oil which flows from his head flows harmoniously to their bosom.

By God's counsel, he serves as a teacher and is able to manage the needs of everyone he meets.

He is a rare gem, a sparkling light in darkness, submissive to God's authority.

There are many handsome and brilliant guys out there but faithful men are scare like DIAMOND

But the Lord still has a store house of great and honorable men who fearlessly love him, whom he will release to his handmaids.

Some maybe as ruddy as David, cheats like Jacob, as weak as Samson and every woman's man like Solomon

BUT GOD will TRANSFORM them to become trusted friends, gardeners, priests and husbands.

A man who walks with God is very desirable such I call the Proverbs 32 man.


Men some days feel like i should be with a man like last night...O! my i was so mushy mushy,i felt like a drunk, i had to wrap myself with a towel and cover two wrappers.I even told my friend whom i Love so much(i think he sensed it from the way i expressed myself).Oh well,i feel stupid but i think its not an unusual feel,i am laughing at myself cos GOD put the desire for a man there.
I wish one man or some witnesses could just call me and MAN to one small room and we wed so some desires like "sex" will be in its rightful place.I don't even want to ponder on the sexual thingy till I am in fellowship or should i say in consonance with God's idea for sex....MARRIAGE. But men, some nights can be tempting....I judge masturbation and lesbianism,its a NO GO AREA amen.Not even sex with my bosom friend, LORD i won't trespass with ya help alone o cos its easier said when you have no man around or when riff-raffs come around toasting BUT when a man you love sits around you, and stretches his body, then you take a hard look at his biceps- you dream of having a deep hug and some caress,watch the movement of his lips-you dream of kissing and the thoughts go on and on to areas I don't wanna conceptualize.I think its a sweet feeling to have that man but its BEST in marriage.I want to wait lest guilt rocks my boat!!!

The mushy feeling didn't just go,but i was bold enough to tell GOD how i felt.On my way to work i was thinking of just one man...one i love, one i choose to love despite the flaws and past mistakes.I love him as he is and i prayed in my bathroom that God will help me truly LOVE and love without reservations.And some word i believe came as an impression by the spirit is; "HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN HIS TIME".
I will undo all the fears and choose to abide in God's embers.

God created the heavens and the earth out of a void,he formed something out of nothing and made life from the dust of the ground, I so trust GOD to make this unbecoming man and situation into a promising and potential personality.
I remember my sister commented on my note last week saying;"May God grant you 'a diamond' whom you can support through the transformation from rough & dirty to your Proverbs 32 man, in Jesus name, Amen!.You may wonder where Proverbs 32 comes from?I have a note on him which i will post soon.
I now believe that he is not a perfect ROLLS ROYCE or an expensive BENTLEY,or a state of the art WHITE HOUSE,he is a man formed from the dust, as dry as the bones in the valley,as despised as 'lil David yet i see him as my priest, my king and my husband.
I will wait.I will stand by him except God says he is not worth my time.I know he will make a good husband and who says he is a heap of rubble? Did Christ not die for him as well?Who is that man that's refused to bury his hatchet on account of this man's mistakes? Let such a man raise a stone against him and prove to me that he is GOD?Even God still wants such to come to repentance, even God loves this soul.
I just pray to love all the council of men and Sanhedrin who sit around to pass judgment.I pray not to bear a grudge or hold aughts against them.I pray to LOVE them that cast a stone on him....

Well, i pray to truly love to the point where i find no fear or harbor doubts.I will trust God all the way in this matter amen.
I think the mushy feeling has something to do with the weather...well i shall endure to the end(smiling),amennnnnnn

Back to my old lover....

...I have fought to keep my blog alive and finally I succeeded.I had to obey my boo's reprimand to keep my "BB" away and develop myself.He blew me below the belt, instead of the blow to leave me in pains,i began to run like BEN JOHNSON....I woke up to a new week with a resolution to educate and upgrade myself.My BB is the addictive 'lil gadget, which can turn good marriages into a boxing ground and can make one lose a trusted friend.It can keep you hooked(as though its cocaine), it can turn you to a "binger" as though its junk food.It is the Black berry,its so addictive and since Sunday,i have fought to leave it in my hand bag while i look for other ways of keeping busy.So back to my books, Bible, God and all my BLOG!

It's so embarrassing to find my blog waiting for me all this months?Its been one year dear blog and i wish to apologize for all my negligence,for been so insensitive and perhaps self centered.I have been so occupied with one lil brat who claims to love me yet saps my time,money and progress.That lil brat has a way of occupying me for hours on end doing nothing but face book, pinging and yahooing.I need my life and myself back,i need my hobby back and my joy back hence I RETURN to you.
I am back to renew old ties, i am here on my knees weeping remorseful tears and saying I will not leave you a minute.I will always dote around you,keep you dear to my heart,pamper you,lubricate and romance you with my words. I was just too myopic to see the benefits of having you,the fact that you harnessed my skills and opened my eyes to my worth.I am worth RUBIES and GOLD,i am very skillful and possess the tongue of a learned writer.
I trust that you will receive me in LOVE and find a place in your heart to forgive me and trust me all the way.I just realized you are bigger than one thousand words and you have room enough for straying lovers like me.
Thank you for having me back on board.I am pleased to renew my BLOG. I love you so much and will always write on you....GOD BLESS and expect more from me....