Monday, June 20, 2011

Abide in ‎​​me that ye may produce much fruits

I love fruits a lot, in fact as a ​"fruit provider", anytime I have to buy fruits,I try to select the best without a bad spot or a pungent smell. One day I bought some fruits,on getting ‎​​home, all the pineapples and watermelon were bad and I couldn't use them for my job. Painfully,I threw them away. It would have been unfair of ‎​​me to supply bad fruits to my clients. I wouldn't only lose my credibility but no one would refer my job to others.

Now,Jesus says; "I ​​​am the vine and ‎​you are the branches" and we know by now that branches bear fruits. Fruits actually grow on and are plucked from branches. Anytime there's a wind, fruits fall to the ground and ‎​‎​you find even kids scrambling under the tree to pack fruits(personal experience). Dead fruits which often drop with the good ones are selected and thrown away because it cannot be eaten.

So it is with a branch which doesn't bear good fruits, it's cut off so the tree can grow well. Dead branches cannot produce any fruits,they fall off and people either discard or use as firewood.

Jesus said and still says to ‎​you and me; "Remain in ‎​​me and I will remain in ‎​you".
Its no fairy religious tale neither is it a nursery rhyme. ‎​​Its a continuous process of consecration and pure,wholesome dedication to the Father as ‎​​we consciously stay(intimately) in Him. Remaining in Jesus is a sure way to producing fresh fruits. Its in him our branches are rid of bad fruits of: hate,bitterness, lust,anger,selfishness, and every sinful desire. Our branches are not supposed to-neither can they- bear good and bad fruits at the same time. Its in our intimacy with Him that he reveals Himself and exposes our hearts to us till we are like Him.

When we get so occupied with life,with little or no time for God we fail to realise how dead we become(‎​​Me very guilty here). But he's giving us another chance to RETURN,to remain in ‎​​him and FOLLOW His teaching so he can trim, prune and dress us lest we are thrust into fire.

Today,I lay before the lover of my life every bad fruit on my branch like bitterness, jealousy, angst,hate,unforgiveness etc and i keep pressing into Him(Jesus)till I can bear rich fruits of righteousness. By His grace alone, will I abide,dwell,remain,stay glued,be united to and fixed on Him. Without Him I cannot live. I need the gardener's nourishment(The WORD which is Jesus),I need his pruning, and the cleansing of His water and the WORD to bear richer,more excellent fruits.

I ​​​am also presenting this truth to my blog friends as he's led it in my heart; Jesus is saying to us all to ABIDE in him and not let our daily-busy- lives choke us.

Stay in Him
Receive instructions for your daily pursuits
Listen to him and DIGEST his truth
Bear your heart every time you're in a fix
Let Him be a Father, lover,friend and everything to ‎​you.

He is the vine and we are the branches. If people must find nourishment in our fruits, then there must be no room for stagnation or death and this can ONLY be achieved when we ABIDE IN HIM.