Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Buck stops here

My last day at work felt splendid...I thank God. Ask me if I regret? No!!! Ask me If I learned? Yes! In fact so much to start life.
Just that the lessons go as far as managing people and an organisation,working for one man and knowing how to go about daily tasks.
My last discussion with my boss was a cut between emotions and blame-i think vimdictive too. I even heard I told obvious lies though I give it to her she appreciated all my work there and true to it,I did my very best. I got tired when I felt my best was not appreciated and like anyone(I know many who would not cower and be timid like me),lost the zeal to continue.I saw raw and seasoned office politics and for the life of me,I know a lot were not structured well.
But like Jesus,I lay down my flaws in that office and I pray God vindicates me.I also pray to hold no aughts,to love and not be bitter,to know that unfair treatments are part of life and that in them,I should rejoice.It aint easy.
Also I have learned that politics abound in lumpy measures and some are ochestrated and cooked to frustrate employees.I have learned that man loves to oppress another and prefers you work below the boulders like a slave,so many organizations in Nigeria pay peanuts and want employers to work like slaves.Its cheap labor
To be frank I have also enjoyed working with my colleagues,its been a sweet crew of people who respected my place and gave me room. Also my boss who made me fret when she's around but a skilful artist has been good in measures though she never gave me adequate room to occupy as an office manager.she was a boss in her capacity and I have learned from her too.
I won't forget that office in a hurry to say it on my blog means I am keeping record of how I feel and what I saw....
I pray God to give me a large heart to look back on the betrayals,office lies,oppression and all discomfort and LOVE cos I did the job with my heart.

Am off to a new life, am heading to the drawing board to sketch and design too,am chasing my passion with my heart and I will get to where God has in store for me


My Heartthrob Nigeria...
I behold you my great country as the love of my life;
I am favored to be a part of you, it's in your arms I was born Oh my dear motherland.

Its only you I knew from birth and I have grown in you alone.
Hence, I believe in you because you have a hope and a future.

My "green" of life filled with God given resources and wealth.
Though you've grown as the "green-eyed" monster, which wreaks havoc and causes innumerable problems,you are a cool, natural and fertile land.

my "white" of acclaimed tranquility, assumed innocence, some made up simplicity,a religious, pious reverence for God in troubled times, a revolutionary lifestyle and some youthful vigor,you've known wanton sectionalism, power topple, coups, bloodshed, dreadful wars, marginalization and all what not.

I never grew to see you responsible, calm and calculated but aggressive and hysterical;with lots of tribal and religious wars, all kinds of social vices and political killings.
BUT I have sworn to LOVE and have you.

my darling nation state filled with potentials. The only nation with a tusk and a trunk.
I admire your gigantic ears made up of diverse ethnics, tribes and languages.
I herald you as the giant of Africa and that makes me proud of you.

in your gigantic nature,
You have caused the falling and rising of many; some have fled on exile because of your oppression and violence
while many- like me- still fearlessly look for the day of your salvation.
Because I shall call you the Holy nation, a land of Redeemed people,and a desirable place.

Though you are like a bad marriage, I''ll stand by you.
You have made some think of you as a broken promise, a failed state, an empty will and an immature child
I strongly believe that one day you'll evolve into a great virtuous nation.
I will keep my vows to you love and to behold you because you are ordained by God.

you will grow into a GREAT nation. You may celebrate with so much opulence while some live below the dollar,
but for for the Love I have for you, because my heart longs for your peace, I CANNOT remain numb or laid back.
I will not stop interceding for you until your righteousness shines like the dawn and you shall blaze like a burning torch.

Kings will be blinded by your glory, nations shall behold your righteousness and the LORD shall give you a new name.

God bless you Nigeria and I believe in you and will keep loving you.

My beloved NAIJA