Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Trip to the marketplace!

Today I went by the market to fix my pair of "good" shoes(I call it good cos I bought it with money I could have used for better things) and as I sat at the cobblers shop, I took time to study the marketplace. These men and women are everyday people like you and ‎​me,who wake up daily with some element of optimism and persistence to life. They have hope in the day's business,plan on how to close deals,make profit and will not quit because of yesterday's loss or recession. They are "go-getters", resilient, resolute,rugged and thick skinned able to accommodate blows and punches(such an uncanny ability I covet).

I watched the cobblers hang out their shoes and set up their office, shop owners putting out clothes,wares and tidying their shops, a printer cleaning up his tools to start screen printing etc. I watched them like the famous story of a man led to the Potter's shop and learned a salient lesson. These sellers believe and have hope. They do not choose the easy,comfortable side of life, they are fighters, they persevere and keep keeping on. They prefer to sit infront of their stalls probably chattering away and calling out to buyers,expecting just one customer rather than retreat at ‎​​home musing over life. They won't give up because yesterday's sells were slow or business has been terrible, they keep trying determined today would be better than yesterday.

The cobblers were so busy cutting designs, carving skin and sewing shoes. They do not look sombre. They go about the day's work with diligence and so much zeal.

The lesson learnt is: DON'T GIVE UP, as simple as these sentence is, its powerful! Stay in the battle and fight in good faith with unimaginable joy. In my case, I'd say to all and sundry, pray without giving up, hold the anchor like its the last thread of hope and be joyful even though the fig tree has not blossomed. Yes, I can attest to the fact that life can throw you off the boat to a wreck but I implore ‎​​we GRAB the anchor though the waters surge and the winds rage almost swallowing you up, HOLD on tightly till the waters cede and calmness of the eventide set in.