Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CLOSER and CLOSER draw me closer

I am almost at the foot of the Almighty to say the lasting WORD...
Never to go back anymore but to stay committed.
To make a covenant and to seal my eyes from all other maidens and cling to the wife of my mouth...
Closer than I ever thought, closer to the journey without an end save by immortality...
Closer I mean and we'll run the race-my bride and I- without an end line...
But we will run,
We will stumble, rise, fall and LOVE...
We will walk with providence when the road is steep and narrow...
We will never know I again-we seize from selfish living -for we are one
God has made us one from the beginning and we will remain ONE.

In different colors

I wish I could touch my heart, i hear its RED in there. Last night i felt so loved that my heart palpitated and turned "clay" and perhaps red that i almost dug my hand in there to have a feel.
Hmm, imagine how it feels to be in LOVE, note i did not say fall in love? I mean to grow through thorns and thistles and you are the ONLY two roses curling on "enemy-shrubs" for life? Those brambles struggle to grow in our vine but we tethered a goat to get rid of the berries to the roots. I mean its tasking to stay in LOVE but we choose to love LOVE and grow through the seasons.

When its raining,it gets so emotional. The rains rid every murky feeling and helps grow our garden.Its in the rain we do our crying and in the rain we hang on( we don't mind if it drains and drips, we just Love LOVE) and take baby steps.
The rains are showers of blessings but if unanticipated could pour sorrow and disappointments.

The dry season, HMM...sometimes has the most favorable weather but its not always the most celebrated. The day awakes with a cool feeling and then love feels like cherries and strawberries, marmalade and cheese, well scrambled eggs and bread, apples and cereals. Then the sunny yellow sun sets and smites without mercy, dictating one's mood and behavior.If permitted to rule the day, anger,arguments, quarrels and bickering et al will be the order of the day.
A humid, fair weather feeling soothes the mind and body and if its not managed,could breed distrust,coldness and more.

Love has its times and seasons. Its not a fairy tale neither is it a happy- ever after Cinderella story, No! Love as the BIBLE in 1 CORINTHIANS 13 says is

SUFFERETH LONG( sorry its never so succulent as oranges nor juicy as grapes)
IS HUMBLE(imagine saying "sorry" and feeling awkward, deflated or been scolded for things that do not matter?)
IS NOT JEALOUS(he may be mum's boy, tied to family cum friends apron strings, maybe cutting shows or acting up too)
IS NOT IRRITABLE (character flaws, more surprises that reveal the reality of one's weak state, etc)
AND KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGS- imagine his been a cheat, a liar,an abusive person and one recovering from a sordid past?
and the like.

Love applies to the male and female 'cos its not selective and never partial. Its never one sided, its a perfect mirror that reflects the attitudes and commitments of both parties.
Love is like cherry pies and gum, like sweets and succulent fruits....Love is also garlic, ginger and prickly pepper; its sour, spicy, itchy tasteless and somewhat salty.

Love is an attitude and has a character too.

BUT I LOVE love and will LOVE like a baby in her cradle, i will crawl and drool,toddle and waddle. I will throw tantrums, pout and stutter;I will love to life and death.I will celebrate and "jubilate" in love,know and learn love, i will jump and bounce in love.

Oh, we will LOVE and stick together like the gummy tree when i was a child.

Last night, I knew LOVE is so sweet and keeps you hungry for more. I mean pure, undiluted love devoid of fear, suspicion and timidity. Well, PERFECT LOVE cast out all fear and I ask the LORD to teach me to love my love...