Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Excite my heart to LOVE!

This week I've been doing a study on one of the most romantic verses of the Holy book and making notes as I receive inspiration which I'll be sharing in subsequent post.

My study today led ‎​​me to sing the chorus of a popular gospel song;

"Hold ‎​​me close, let your love surround ‎​​me;
Bring ‎​​me near draw ‎​​me to your side.
And as I wait,I'll rise up like the eagle.
I will soar with ‎​you,your spirit leads ‎​​me on
In the power of your love."

As I corroborate the words of this song with some lines in Solomon's book -S.O.S.- it strikes ‎​​me how much intimacy and love Solomon and his lover(woman)shared. S.O.S paints a succinct picture of two lovers so lost in themselves. God created a special place in man's heart to long for a partner, a helper, a companion,a friend and a wife hence woman was formed. The mystery of marriage cannot be explained away by empty philosophies and cannot be toyed with by man. Marriage between a man and woman is a very clear expression of Gods love with His people.

Anytime I study Solomon's song to his lover,I ​​​am lost in God's extravagant love for all of mankind. I realise how much God longs for attention, desperation for him and intimacy from us.
The challenges we encounter in life play a large role in defining our love for God e.g when a woman is going through a barren situation,she gets to feel God is dispassionate, unfair and insensitive to her cry for a child. I've in several occasions judged God's love through lack,cruel human treatment,etc and I've been forced to think God is not concerned about those delicate/emotional areas of my well being.

But whether our flipping emotions like it or not, God's love is millions and millions of times higher, wider and deeper than our human minds can fathom. No matter how our fleshy minds seek to stifle this truth,God's love is as immeasurable as the oceans deep. Someone said to ‎​​me that even if God decides to cover us with just one canopy of love,we still cannot unravel its greatness . The man and woman in S.O.S express such depth of love,mind ‎​you they are not afraid to be vulnerable to each other,they just reel out the longing of their heart to each other -no walls built,no guards up,no erotic,earthly fickle feelings- without fear or shame.

And who knows that the love we speak of transcends times and seasons(its not limited).It's love which produces more love, love which grows in the midst of the worst valley situations,love that strengthens and refreshes like feeding a weary body with the finest of natural fruits. Such love that revives and ignites a heart to love in the midst of thorny discouraging situations. Love that endures hard times,love that sparks up a desperate soul to long for her lover. Love which knows no bounds.
Its such love that calls out to all -without an iota of segregation, class, tribe or tongue- to come into its embrace and be safe in there. Its love that binds us in faith covering a multitude of sins. Now,that's the LOVE I long to have,to hear the voice of my lover calling out to ‎​​me so I can run into his shadow,surrounded by His love.