Friday, May 27, 2011

Be a blessing

Have ‎​you ever been stranded and ‎​you wished the man queuing in front of ‎​you or the woman sitting beside ‎​you in a bus could perceive your dire need? Yes I have experienced this severally. Sometimes it goes beyond physical needs to matters that touch the heart and reach to the soul.

What comes to my mind when I'm in need with no immediate help are: a "spirit of discernment and selflessness." To have this virtues means to know beyond your need,to reach out to other people as much as the power lies within ‎​you. To know without being informed of someone's challenges and how to offer help(it could be a short prayer, a phone call,an sms etc).

I know some days I'm so nasty and self centred that I would not give alms to a beggar or stop to meet a need as little as road direction. Sometimes, I'm boxed up in my world praying for ‎​​me,myself and I. This is not to put myself down as unkind;I have those moments I render help on a bus,answer a question on the road, help a nursing mother and just go all out for people without a reward. I grin whenever I lend myself for another's good. But I want it to be part of my daily life- to be a blessing to others at no cost.

This life is woven around blessing-Love others as yourself-others as God teaches us to. If we must be Christ like,we must discern people's needs and lead selfless lives. ‎​​We must know when to speak and not to,when to give,how to love,how to share, when to give a pat,a hug,a rebuke, counsel,instruction;how and when to sacrifice and understand people without them expressing their needs. This is simple religion at its best.
May God lead us daily to go out of our way,our problems and busy lives to bless a stranger and a loved one with a smile, money, kindness, a visit and all what not Amen.