Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Help! What's happening...

Hello my dear blogspot friends,

The blogger bug just beat enybee's. I've been reading through certain blogs like Naijamum L's blog on "in my bags, read Dosh's "she lives..., read Sisi Yemmie's and Desperate Naija Woman's etc and I'm unable to comment. Its so painful I think :(

What do I do please?

Please Myne Whitman(my blog consultant and perhaps mentor,LOL) come to the rescue or anyone tell ‎​​me what I need to do please. Help a sista out :-)

Thank ‎​‎​you and great week y'all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Be a blessing

Have ‎​you ever been stranded and ‎​you wished the man queuing in front of ‎​you or the woman sitting beside ‎​you in a bus could perceive your dire need? Yes I have experienced this severally. Sometimes it goes beyond physical needs to matters that touch the heart and reach to the soul.

What comes to my mind when I'm in need with no immediate help are: a "spirit of discernment and selflessness." To have this virtues means to know beyond your need,to reach out to other people as much as the power lies within ‎​you. To know without being informed of someone's challenges and how to offer help(it could be a short prayer, a phone call,an sms etc).

I know some days I'm so nasty and self centred that I would not give alms to a beggar or stop to meet a need as little as road direction. Sometimes, I'm boxed up in my world praying for ‎​​me,myself and I. This is not to put myself down as unkind;I have those moments I render help on a bus,answer a question on the road, help a nursing mother and just go all out for people without a reward. I grin whenever I lend myself for another's good. But I want it to be part of my daily life- to be a blessing to others at no cost.

This life is woven around blessing-Love others as yourself-others as God teaches us to. If we must be Christ like,we must discern people's needs and lead selfless lives. ‎​​We must know when to speak and not to,when to give,how to love,how to share, when to give a pat,a hug,a rebuke, counsel,instruction;how and when to sacrifice and understand people without them expressing their needs. This is simple religion at its best.
May God lead us daily to go out of our way,our problems and busy lives to bless a stranger and a loved one with a smile, money, kindness, a visit and all what not Amen.

Monday, May 23, 2011

And I shout ENOUGH

I have been this patient with life,waiting for a whole lot of dreams to come true. Recently, I realised that only the violent take it by force. I ​​​am surfing through the WORD in my head and right now, the host of my body I.e my intestinal members,my heart,mouth, hands,eyes and others are screaming; "LORD enough is enough." One of my favourite scriptures being the prayer of Jabez has popped up again on the screen of my life and I'm speaking out with authority;
"Lord enlarge, increase, break forth, open up, loose, bring to pass ALL I have patiently waited for. "

Even though I have a strong opinion that knowing God intimately is not(and will never be) all about "Bless ‎​​‎​​me,bless me with shoe,car,house,clothes,money" etc. But material benefits are essential to life and are the other things added unto ‎​​me to make life more comfortable at least Baba God no go gree ‎​​me waka naked,he go cloth and shelter ‎​​me.

The Bible also says; The Lord who redeemed Abraham says to His people; "My people will no longer pale with fear or be ashamed. For when they see their many children and material blessings, they will recognise the holiness of the Holy One of Israel. They will stand in awe of God. Those in error will then believe the truth, and those who constantly complain will accept instruction."

Whoever is reading this should know that MY TIME has come and it is NOW. Some benefits are long over due so I grab the hem of his garment, I hold unto Him in a wrestle bout,I ​​​persistently hold the tassels of the judge's robe like the widow in Luke 18 and I ​​​am saying like Jabez;

"Oh that ‎​you will bless ‎​​me indeed&enlarge my coast&that your hand will be with me&that you would keep me from evil,that it may not grieve me. "

And God granted him (Jabez) that which he requested...a man once living in the sorrows of his mother's birthing circumstance, a man who's name clearly defined his future- Mr. SORROW PAIN! A man who was barely managing life,accepting the blows,whips and punches as the norm till he reached the peak and couldn't take it anymore.
Yes,trials and tribulations are definitely part of the Christian faith but they have their place. In his case, this was a self inflicted pain not the chastisement of the Lord. Until Jabez made a succinct decision to address them, he would have lived with that pain and sorrow all his life but he refused to let it be and refused to be subjected to his mother/family experiences. He called on the God of Heaven and the Almighty heard.

I Enobong Ita Ekpott is "holding fast to the promise,the word God has spoken to ‎​​me. I speak to the mountains and I cast them into the sea. Aha, the set time to favour ENO has come, NOW is the set time. I take it by force, I call forth everything for this season of my life from the far ends of the earth. I ​​ walk on my high places. I break forth into loud singing, I ​​​am lifted from the dunghill into my high places. I shout out in praise saying ENOUGH of the limitations, I enlarge and bust at my seams. I spring up from the lowly places of incessant pain and walk boldly into the season of joy and celebration. It's no longer business as usual,I no longer manage the little space and I will henceforth not say; "what will be,will be". I say ENOUGH to all the status quo, to the past, enough of the mid night cry,pain,lack and its various siblings. Right now, I embrace life through Christ which he abundantly and freely bestowed on ‎​​me. So,Eno is wealthy and is blessed on ALL sides amen.

And I pray for ‎​you who's reading; "May the Lord bless ‎​you and keep ‎​you. May His face shine on ‎​‎​you; may He lift up his countenance upon you and bring peace. May your testimony be as loud and clear like Hannah's, Elizabeth's, Mary's, Lazarus', Sarah's, etc and may men rejoice with ‎​you in the only most powerful and ever reliable name of Jesus AMEN.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"

I ran up the staircase and into my room gleefully,jumping and releasing some adrenaline. Then I paused and wondered what made ‎​​me so enthralled and full of life? It was goodnews that greeted ‎​​me this evening about a friend who's been ‎​married for some years now and is "with child". OMG I felt like the one carrying the miracle baby,no wonder Mary ran over to visit with Elizabeth as she heard the Lord had taken away her reproach. It's a celebration in anticipation of the bundle of joy and no devil can stop that "John, Samuel,Isaac, Joy or Jemimah" from coming forth amen.

Yesterday, I commended a friend who has an exceptionally habit of celebrating people. I have learned a lot from her and now, I consciously CHOOSE to celebrate with people without holding any hidden jealousy or envy. I realise that men who genuinely rejoice,support and stand by people are always blessed. I have come to know under the sun that people who despite their challenges celebrate others who have successful stories always reap what they have sown in multiple folds. I ​​​am reading one of Rick Joyner's books where he shared a story of a pastor cum friend who had some jealousy rising in his heart for the former when he saw him with a new car while he was driving an old car. He recognised it and resolved to thank God for Joyner. A few weeks later,God visited him with a new car identical to Joyner's.

Every time ‎​you realise a critical spirit born out of jealousy or bitterness for another man's progress, please ask the Lord to douse that fire and fill your heart with joy. If you're single, an expectant mother, unemployed or challenged in anyway and ‎​you find someone whom ‎​you consider younger, less privileged,and the likes excelling ahead of ‎​you, please do not hesitate to celebrate with them. Don't moan or question God for being partial. Yes, its human to ask the Lord when your day of harvest is coming but let that not be on account of another man's day of rejoicing.

I have personally asked the Lord to help ‎​​me celebrate with all my friends whom the Lord has blessed with good marriages, babies, homes, jobs, promotion, etc and refrain from tearing people down, criticising, back stabbing and expressing any negative spirits.

Some strategies I have adopted if I find streaks of jealousy are: praise(and not feigned eulogy) the person(s) who's attained a height I'm yet to reach, pray my heart out for them and support them in whatever way I can. That way, I'm free from "beef"while waiting for my own day to come.

So,I'm using this medium to celebrate all my friends getting ‎​married in May,June and July, I also celebrate with my sister who's just released her musical album. I celebrate with two dear friends who were "ICAN certified"-now Associate Chartered Accountants- on Wednesday;I'm celebrating with three couples who just received their bundle of joy(babies) and also celebrate with everyone who's reading this post in anticipation of their awesome testimonies. ‎​​We shall come rejoicing, singing, dancing with loud songs of victory bringing in the sheaves.