Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God's love by Robert Lane

God's love for you never runs out or dries up. He doesn't love you on your good days and cease loving you on your bad days. He loved you even before you were born. "Everlasting love" not only refers to the length of time that God has loved you, but it refers to the quality of his love. There is nothing shallow to be found in God's everlasting love. It is out of the depths of his love that he drew your heart to his.

The MORNING DEW(Lengthy but read with caution)

I have been awake from about 3am,not for want of sleep neither is it a feeling of loneliness. I have found out that some faithful watch men may not give their eyes rest until their Jerusalem becomes a place of total rest in the earth and there I find myself (I don't mean to judge those who sleep through the night because God gives his beloved sweet sleep and I really love to sleep as well, LOL).

This morning, I ran a short study on Abraham and I realised that he was an imperfect man in many ways-who found grace in God and believed him by faith.

Do ‎​you know, Abraham agreed with Sarah to live a LIE because he feared he might be killed? He "selfishly" considered his life more than his "sister's". Sarah carried the identity of being his sister everywhere the soujourned, and hid from the natives of Egypt, Gerar etc that they were ‎​husband and wife. Abraham enjoyed novelty, gifts and comfort- was given a ‎​king's treatment- while his wife was captured for the ‎​king of the land. He forgot that God had promised to take him to his Promised land.

I learn some salient lessons: ‎​​Self is such a powerful and deathly element which can ruin a lifetime investment. Every time I act by a selfish nudge, I pay for the consequences. Self does not care who weeps, dies or mourns on account of its actions,self deprives innocent people of peace . Abraham pleased him-SELF and exposed his wife to sin.

Basically, I cannot HELP God by some nice looking assumptions and human reasoning. Each time Abraham gave his wife to the ‎​king's of the land, he exposed them to sin, incurred God's wrath and bringing pain upon the people. In Genesis 12,Abraham strayed to Egypt during a famine,and handed over his beautiful wife to the ‎​king who in turn fashioned him with spoils(cattle,servants,etc). In Genesis 20, God appeared to Abimelech, -RESTRAINED him from sleeping with Sarah- and instructed he returned her to her "husband cum brother".

Lesson two: The things I call "white lies" are simply lies which lead to death. No matter how safe a decision is, irrespective of how widely accepted a pop culture is, it is on the broad road many blindly follow on the way to hades. REFRAIN!
Why do I say this? Its our human frailty to look for the shortest and easiest routes not minding the dangers on the way,it will bring death. ‎​​

Factually, It was natural for Abraham to say they were siblings but God judged his motive-he feared men and sought their favour. God is SOVEREIGN, he can protect, he will provide all we require, he is able to secure and save so why would I lie (or fear) to go through a life controlled by Him?

Lesson three: (this one I took time to pray about) my actions could please ‎​​me and hurt another. Guess what? Abraham's lie caused God to close wombs. Women could not bear children and the Bible doesn't give records on how long Sarah was with Abimelech. One lie brought a siege upon the land. It took God to warn Abimelech to release the woman so his people could be free. Back in Egypt,a similar action also caused widespread diseases on the land because of Sarah. The ‎​king was very crossed when he found out the truth ordering his men to lead them out of the land.
How many people have I hurt because I uttered some careless speech?,how many are in pain because I sowed discord and strife? Who have I hurt by an innocent looking decision? Not until Sarah left Abimelech's house, they people remained in bondage.

One action, many "deaths".

God knew how much damage that had caused Gerar so he came to their rescue,asking Abimelech to covet a prophet's blessing. Abraham the prophet had to pray and invoke blessings upon the land so healing could flow. I sincerely pray for everyone who's been hurt by an action done in ignorance that they may experience healing and God's unmerited favour through Christ Jesus, amen.

I also question Sarah for accepting to her husband's act of foolishness. A wise woman builds her ‎​​‎​​home. I believe that in wisdom, she could have advised her husband not to expose her to sin- this kind of mistake caused Abraham to sleep with Hagar. One foolish decision can ruin a lifetime. Sometimes, ‎​​we lose good sense of judgment when we are in "love".
Experience has shown ‎​​me that in a relationship, the man and woman could see a black thing and call it white, one person could contract leprosy and the partner will romance it without detecting its a disease. To Sarah, their decision relished the moment. I have judged myself this morning especially when I agree to my husband to be's wrong decision and in prayer have I repented and asked the Lord to set our path straight again.

Lastly, God healed the land, restored their wombs and also redeemed Abraham and Sarah's reputation before the people. God also caused Abimelech to favour Abraham with land to make his abode.

In Genesis 20 verse 16, Abimelech said to Sarah,

" I gave your "brother" Abraham twenty-five pounds of silver to MAKE UP for any wrong that people may think about ‎​you. I want everyone to know ‎​you are innocent"

I know deep in my spirit that whoever reads this article will also find peace with God no matter the gravity of a situation. God is able to rebuild broken bridges, restore relationships, heal every sordid past(situation) and bring redemption wherever its needed. Ask Him for mercy and ask God for grace to DISCERN, to remain sensitive, and to be at peace with all men. Today is a NEW beginning and a new day. Jesus has made ‎​you whole amen.