Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To all my folks

My eyes are on U now O Lord

Thank you LORD that I can access you easily and boldly(on my office desk) this afternoon.I approach your throne asking for mercy and your favor even thy grace where i so require.
I am using this medium to pray so those going through my kind of situation or anything so pressing will also tap into this prayer.
Lord, its no show of words or enticing words of human wisdom, its a sincere cry from a broken and hurt heart. Lord Eliphaz said in Chapter five of his book;

"Go to God and present your case to Him. For he does great works too marvelous to understand"

Lord, i set my face as flint and boldly come to you with tears in my eyes and a little appetite for food with a lot of weight to shed from my already dropping shoulders, Help me cos you are ready to bear my burden and carry my load.

I feel so sorry when I do not involve you in my thoughts and words, Lord i know i try to help myself hence failing and falling. Lord I repent and run back to you.

I need to rest on your warm and peaceful bosom Father cos there i find solace and rest. I get so troubled outside of you when i feel you can not help me as i require.

Vain O God is the help of man 'cos i have tasted and known that there hardly come by my window.They pass busily or they make me feel desperate and vulnerable but you never will forsake or turn your loving eyes from me. Lord you are CONCERNED about me.
Today i ask you to give me answers not like I need a quick fix but i need sudden answers lest i make haste or take to flight.

Lord amidst tears i say COME Lord please come lest i sleep the sleep of death. Guard my feet and hold my hands, do not repay me according to my sins O God!
Guide my eyes and lead my path because i Know you are neither a taskmaster or a slave driver, your burden is light and your yoke is easy.

Lord Jesus, I come so you teach me for you will not judge me as men, you are humble and gentle and in you will I find rest for my weary soul.
Lord thank you because am sure you have heard me and in faith i know;

"You perform miracles without number. You give rain to the earth. You send water for the fields;you give prosperity to the poor and humble and you take sufferers to safety.
Lord you frustrate the plans of the crafty, so their efforts will not succeed. You catch those who think they are wise in their own cleverness so that their cunning schemes are thwarted," Amen.

Lord i bless you not by tradition but as a grateful child. Thank you,and thank you. amen.