Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long time away from blogging

I just had to come back and dust off the cobwebs from this page. I have been either too lazy to blog- my phone was stolen days after our marriage ceremony and my husband's laptop is always with him at work and by the time he's home,its too late to blog- or too busy adjusting to the new life...marriage :).
Thanks to all who have stopped over to check on me, i am so grateful to YOU.
It's been two months since we hooked up and its awesome so far learning to live with someone from a different descent, tribe, with a different cultural value though bound by FAITH in Jesus yet having to agree with the others belief system, its awesome. I am so sure its not easy marrying/living with me(sorry to say that i mean what i say) but one thing I have appreciated so far in my husband since I knew him is that he's a PEACEMAKER and one quick to apologize no matter who's at fault,he doesn't have a heart for malice and grudge(yet i do,shamefully). That makes me love him so much. Its been so awesome having a companion, friend, brother and HUSBAND i can BOLDLY call my own, someone I can pray with and show love. My heart is RED with joy. I remember attending the EXPERIENCE(a musical concert organized by the HOUSE OF THE ROCK church in Lagos,Nigeria) alone in subsequent years and how i would feel so lonely because i had no one to hold hands with, rest my head on and joke with anytime I noticed something exciting or weird. Though I attended 2007 and 2008 concerts with people who were either married or "paired", I still felt that loneliness especially when i glance at couples dancing,playing and eating together. This year, i had the privilege of going there with MY HUSBAND, yes MY OWN MAN lol. Thank God for this opportunity and more, I am eternally grateful to HIM.

Well, after one, three, five and ten years i pray to have the BEST stories to tell about my marriage and I hope we will be a good example to so many. We hope for the best even in a world of troubled marriages, ours won't be rated as such for the Lord who made marriage will HOLD OUR HANDS and walk us through, amen. As always, we make HIM the HEAD and the center of this union,trusting HIM to paddle us through every storm, challenge, and dry seasons.

p/s: Sorry i posted those pictures "unprofessionally", the browser is too slow to make adjustments, bear with me :).