Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"

I ran up the staircase and into my room gleefully,jumping and releasing some adrenaline. Then I paused and wondered what made ‎​​me so enthralled and full of life? It was goodnews that greeted ‎​​me this evening about a friend who's been ‎​married for some years now and is "with child". OMG I felt like the one carrying the miracle baby,no wonder Mary ran over to visit with Elizabeth as she heard the Lord had taken away her reproach. It's a celebration in anticipation of the bundle of joy and no devil can stop that "John, Samuel,Isaac, Joy or Jemimah" from coming forth amen.

Yesterday, I commended a friend who has an exceptionally habit of celebrating people. I have learned a lot from her and now, I consciously CHOOSE to celebrate with people without holding any hidden jealousy or envy. I realise that men who genuinely rejoice,support and stand by people are always blessed. I have come to know under the sun that people who despite their challenges celebrate others who have successful stories always reap what they have sown in multiple folds. I ​​​am reading one of Rick Joyner's books where he shared a story of a pastor cum friend who had some jealousy rising in his heart for the former when he saw him with a new car while he was driving an old car. He recognised it and resolved to thank God for Joyner. A few weeks later,God visited him with a new car identical to Joyner's.

Every time ‎​you realise a critical spirit born out of jealousy or bitterness for another man's progress, please ask the Lord to douse that fire and fill your heart with joy. If you're single, an expectant mother, unemployed or challenged in anyway and ‎​you find someone whom ‎​you consider younger, less privileged,and the likes excelling ahead of ‎​you, please do not hesitate to celebrate with them. Don't moan or question God for being partial. Yes, its human to ask the Lord when your day of harvest is coming but let that not be on account of another man's day of rejoicing.

I have personally asked the Lord to help ‎​​me celebrate with all my friends whom the Lord has blessed with good marriages, babies, homes, jobs, promotion, etc and refrain from tearing people down, criticising, back stabbing and expressing any negative spirits.

Some strategies I have adopted if I find streaks of jealousy are: praise(and not feigned eulogy) the person(s) who's attained a height I'm yet to reach, pray my heart out for them and support them in whatever way I can. That way, I'm free from "beef"while waiting for my own day to come.

So,I'm using this medium to celebrate all my friends getting ‎​married in May,June and July, I also celebrate with my sister who's just released her musical album. I celebrate with two dear friends who were "ICAN certified"-now Associate Chartered Accountants- on Wednesday;I'm celebrating with three couples who just received their bundle of joy(babies) and also celebrate with everyone who's reading this post in anticipation of their awesome testimonies. ‎​​We shall come rejoicing, singing, dancing with loud songs of victory bringing in the sheaves.