Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking a soft and perhaps LONG bow from my blog

Hello people. How is everyone doing? I seem to be missing a lot in blogsville though I've been abit down lately and unable to write or log into blogger.

Happy new year to you all even though in this part of the world(Nigeria), the new year was greeted with 'Happy new petrol price and subsidy removal" so at times, I stutter when I have to use that salutation(happy new year) because it awakens some sort of angst and trepidation in most people's eyes. Well, its still a new year and its TIME to OCCUPY the streets till fuel price comes down, till a wasted government tightens their belt and become accountable, till we all realize the importance of good governance/how to serve people. I am for the voice of the oppressed, the ordinary people, the masses and the widows and the people, so for that reason am OCCUPYing too lol.

I may just be a long time away from blogging and that's not to say I've shut this page down, but for now i cannot keep up with it. However, i will be back sometime in future.

Please let's hook up on
facebook: ENOBONG EKPOTT FEMISIN-OLUWAWUNMI(very long name,lol)
Twitter: @enybeeskiosk
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Hope to hear from you, and you and YOU. God bless you immensely this year amen.