Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thank ‎​you "Maid of Heart/Histiara"(your blog blessed ‎​​me) for reminding ‎​​me that Jesus paid the ultimate price and no form of human striving and "flexing muscle" can pay the price again. Its relieving to know that its not by works lest I boast but GRACE....
I'm not particularly given to Easter celebrations but this period serves as a reminder to the finished work on Calvary. Easter assuredly ignites the reason we live and that reason is Christ but it's more than a Friday to Sunday in the month of April.

​ Jesus forgave all my sins and took them upon himself, covering ‎​​me with His love. He is the gold and I ​​​am the wood--he blurs all my weaknesses with perfection- which is decked ‎​ up into a beautiful piece of furniture all decked with purple, gold, and priestly(Kingly) apparel.

By the power of resurrection, Jesus gave ‎​​me access to the Father, and I ​​​am alive with Him who forgave my sins once for all time and still forgives when I make silly mistakes. Anytime Satan strolls by to dig up ‎​​my past or cook up lies to sway ‎​​me again into bondage, I'm reminded that Jesus cancelled the record that contained the charges against ‎​​me taking it and nailing it to Christ's cross.

When the devil rises like a flood, Jesus reminds ‎​​me that He disarmed the evil authorities and rulers and made a public shame by victory over them on the cross. So I AM FREE no longer bound nor captive. By reason of the blood of Christ, I ​​​am brought near to God. I have peace with the Father and I ​​​am an heir to the throne with rights to the estate.

Now, I won't wait for another Easter to grab this truth or wait till then to read the accounts on the night of passover, his death and resurrection. I will always celebrate the cross daily because that's a sure symbol of my faith in Christ.

(References: Colossians 2:13-15;Ephesians 2:13)