Friday, July 1, 2011

In all things, GIVE THANKS

On the 22nd of June, God kept nudging ‎​​me to thank Him. I clearly heard him say to ‎​​me; "In all things, give thanks"... The situation I found myself at that time was that of deprivation, depression,loss in my growing business,some lack of money etc. I could neither cry nor was I allowed to remain sad.

I came back ‎​​home from my regular supply, abit drained and so exhausted. I didn't have a sound sleep the previous night because I thought of the supplies(anxiety you'd call it ,mschew). I woke up by 4am to prepare the fruits, and on my way to Victoria Island with my sister, rain started pouring "lions and bears". My dear sister had driven to a point so we could hop on the BRT(Bus Road Transit) because she foresaw a traffic. We stayed in traffic over an hour thirty minutes, went into flooded Victoria Island and I practically swam to get to my destination. I boarded an "okada"(motorcycle) with a cooler, an Umbrella and my handbag to my first pot of call to drop their order. Then I set out for another place, folded up my trousers so I could "swim" through the almost knee length river. I suddenly felt deflated,humbled and ALONE. But in all, I kept giving God thanks.

I got ‎​​home later that evening and fell on my bed struggling to keep a grateful heart before the Lord. I stretched out and gave THANKS. I just didn't let the devourer and Father of lies to keep ‎​​me in despair. Frankly, that day was a bad day but I kept chanting; "In all things, give thanks..."
I can't say I wasn't disappointed and at a loss but what could I do than give thanks for EVERYTHING he's being doing for ‎​​me? That day, I told the Lord to bless my effort and bless my days of little beginning, make my job excellent and anoint ‎​​me to do exploit in the market place.

Today being the 1st of July, I ​​​am giving thanks again singing;

"He's been good Oh he's been good,
He's been good so good to His people.
Praise the Lord Oh praise the Lord;
Let everything that has BREATH praise the Lord"

This 1st day in July, I'm ​eternally grateful that neither death nor life,loss, persecution nor troubles in this present world can stop ‎​​me from praising my God. I ​​​am so glad that my eyes have seen today and my family and friends have crossed over into the second half of the ‎​γεαr, Praise the Lord.

Though the losses of previous weeks have been added to my experiences in life,they've helped ‎​​me grow and have opened my eyes to greater opportunities. I still praise the Lord.

In the words of a certain musician I sing again;

"If I had ten thousand tongues, I'll sing your praises with everyone. I surrender my heart,in your complete control. You have my commitment to love ‎​you ever more."

I ​​​am indeed overwhelmed by His mercy,I'm so blessed today knowing He's in charge and always concerned about all-he's a very detailed Father- the affairs of my life. So I praise Him for the six months ahead of ‎​​me.

‎​So people, join ‎​​me to PRAISE THE LORD!