Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A weary soul

Lord "Shepherd" me lovingly
And Father me in your mercy.
Give me not to Pharisees lest they throw me in the dust
smashing me with stones of condemnation.
Though you grieve at my disobedience,
Forgive me like only you can-surely only you can L♥√ع me.
Take away the idols i bow to;
Control my yearning for them and keep my body, soul,
spirit and mind to honour you.

Lord hold me in your arms;
Let me feel safe in your steadfast love.
Uncover my sins and cleanse me with blood.
Wash me O God from intentional mistakes and approve me.
Remind me of your loving kindness and caress me till
I'm filled with your love.
Take away the guilt and shame lest the drown my faith and grace,
Show me favour and unlock my Heavens for abundant blessings this season.

Lord help me to see you and only you.
Deliver me from the voice of strangers and the sneer of men'
Keep me safe from evil guiding my steps in your will.
Do not give me up to my stubborn ways but rock me while I wait for you.
Sing me a love song till I'm resting peacefully as a baby.
Lovingly take my hands off the oxen while I let you tread the corn.
Enable me to offload all the burdens and worries plaguing my heart and
Help me to depend wholly as I find rest in you.