Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog LUNCH break and the BIG DAY in view :D

Hope we had a fantastic weekend and expecting a great week ahead.
Hello my blog community,how are we? I've not been committed to blog rounds lately and please pardon ‎​​me oh,some people at this stage in my life would understand what I mean ;) LOL. Ok let ‎​​me drop some of my testimonies: I got ‎​LEGALLY MARRIED on the 25th of August 2011and I'm beaming with smiles because God has "done ‎​​me well"(God is good to ‎​​me). I've actually been preparing for marriage all these years though I'm still a JJC wife(I'm a new kid on the block and learning the ropes daily) but right now,I have less than a month to plan for the ceremonies ahead of us. There's so much to be done though I'm calm,cool and collected as if "nothing de." I mean I'm cool and waiting patiently for the D-DAY trusting God to make the ceremonies glorious.

So let ‎​​me officially take my lunch break from blogville till I'm done with wedding plans,I'll try as much as I can to read posts and make comments. In case I'm unfaithful to your blog,ABEG PARDON MOI oh cos I'm running behind time now.
Before I sign out, make una de join mouth pray for our ceremonies o,make sun smile and day bright...will be right back.
Gracias blog pallies :)