Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Each ‎morning when I wake up;

I have every reason to say "Thank ‎​you Father" for such a beautiful day.
I roll over in my bed, thanking Him for his mercy.
I know the Lord has blessed my day and I have all the lovely pray' to say;
"Lord you're good to ‎​​me,its by your mercy I ​​​am here."
Guide ‎​​me through and keep my family safe,
Let my friends excel in all the do on earth.

May we live to fulfil your will I pray,
And may our existence glorify ‎​you always.
Bless our going out and our coming in,
Anoint our feet and lift our heads;
Guide our thoughts and direct our steps.

Deliver us from the pestilence by day,
Shield us from the arrows by night.
Let our lives be a sweet smelling savour,
And our words,let it be seasoned with salt.
In all,may we live for eternity,
trimming our lamps and preparing our robes for
Our Heavenly ‎​​home.