Monday, August 30, 2010

Deep thought

Lord my cry is desperate, longing for your touch.
Father, though you pardon my misgivings, weakness and judgment, you're my emotions, you put in me a feeling to cry, wail,think and flare.
You put love in my innermost parts, its part of my makeup.
Father, only you can comprehend my dire, frantic need for a man: His touch and feel!
Lord my innocence you foreknow, my weaknesses you foresaw. You know when i can not stand the tides and you know when my strength wears off seldom times;
Father, you know how impatient I've been and how my innocence has worn an expiration date.
My Daddy, i cry and cringe in guilt and shame when my walls cave in for one peck, an extended hug and some pampering.
Lord, strengthen my resolve and come to my prompt rescue. Do not let me give away all I have kept for the best time in my life.Let me not fall or falter till I'm in my safe Haven,