Saturday, June 11, 2011

In a nutshell...

I've not had so much time this week and each time I think of what to write,so many thoughts cloud my mind. This week has been very interesting,extremely challenging and perhaps hectic. With time,I'd like to share on this blog my personal experiences-lessons learnt in a short period of time- as a new business person striving against the odds like power failure and immobility yet forging ahead like a rugged soldier.

Though this post isn't to talk about the business I do but I'll like to mention briefly: I ​​​am a "fruit supplier/seller LOL who's out to encourage healthy eating. I have started supplying companies fruits in bowls for lunch breaks and as a healthy snack for the health conscious folks. So if ‎​you live in the Lagos environ,have this in mind that ‎​​we can cater for your events as well or supply fruits(either nicely chopped,or whole fruits in a basket) to ‎​you in the convenience of your ‎​​home and offices. ‎​​We are also getting ready to produce pure,fresh juices and smoothies in addition to our fruit baskets, fruit platters etc. ‎​​We encourage people too BLESS homes with fruits as the healthiest and best ‎​gift idea because we know the essence of staying alive by munching fruits. I'd like to talk about the importance of most fruits subsequently.
My business page on facebook is: ENYBEES KIOSK and I can be reached via or on 07065561595 :D #marketingstrategy

I'd also like to share the link below with ‎​you for your perusal:

Its an interesting read for ‎​married and intending couples to learn from. Happy reading.