Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On the cool Sunday afternoon, I played some songs from Don Moen's collections and when I got to a particular song titled BREAKTHROUGH, in the Album “Hiding Place”, I paused and listened intently to every expression amidst tears till I was LIFTED .Then I borrowed certain words to express how I felt before the LORD- though broke with a lot of bills to settle, with some plans seeming so bleak and awaiting response- and in that state I wrote the words below to encourage a reader,perhaps to emphasise that God, our Father in the midst of us is mighty and all our challenges is still in line with His eternal purpose for our lives. I implore that you praise Him CONSTANTLY:

Breakthrough when life doesn’t make sense,
Breakthrough Lord, when the WORD is mere black and white and nothing more.
Breakthrough the status quo and every limitations;
Breakthrough our past failures and people’s opinion confining us.

Breakthrough when the songs do not sound like praise but a dirge.

Breakthrough Lord, when we wonder where the next meal will come from, when the bills will be paid and the debts appear as mountains;
Breakthrough the evil medical cum bad reports, dead situations until we see life spring forth
Break through hopelessness.

Breakthrough our unbelief and myopia
Breakthrough our shame and our frailties Lord;
till our humanity receive divinity, Father do not let us stay here,
Call us hither till we see your face.

Father breakthrough our hardened hearts and wipe the tears
Breakthrough barrenness and delays till we sing your songs in a strange land,
Until we see you face to face.

Breakthrough till we see the brightness of the morning
Until Jesus is revealed and our faith is unshaken and FOUND in you,
{And in the words of a friend}: till we sing our songs arrayed in royal cloaks and wear our crowns in strange lands, Lord Breakthrough;
BREAKTHROUGH till all we SING IS YOU amen.