Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now the day is over

Oh boy ehen, I thought i could hang out with you folks at Lunch break but you won't believe I was on the road in busy eko-Lagos in Western Nigeria- trying to do some office deals.I was dead sleepy that I could not read the novel i carried with me.My "dear bosom" friend has succeeded in helping me spend less time on my BB(Blackberry)and I was missing that friend so much and all i did was think of my friend.
I always wish at times such as this I am wearing "Am married" on my heart and hand, but I thank God all the way..I sincerely owe my SINGLE MOMENTS to him even though he knows the temptations i have to flee from, the ones he averts like the two men who tried inviting me for a night out yesterday. At least i was bold enough to let them know I am an UNUSUAL girl who can do without clubbing and hanging out with every man that crosses my carpet. I prefer to lie in my bed reading or dozing than follow them in the name of enjoyment....its so temporary abeg.Those men look soooooo set in their ways, old enough to be called "Uncle" and too old for my kinda man abeg.I no fit shout ooooo(popular Lagos slang), make dem comot o with their sweet coated lies ooooo.LOL! Thank God for helping me ooooo....

Pls I am not condemning those "sit-outs" o! But with some phony men,NO WAY.I am so quick to judge the motive behind those phony treats and some innocent gifts etc.These men I met looked really phony so i "jump am pass". I will hang out with people who will add to me, whom I can fellowship with and share deep revelations. I will hang around MY FRIEND(my boo) and family.I mean, i want to meet with people who are passionate about GOD and the nations even Nigeria.

I am reading a book by SUNDAY ADELAJA called "CHURCH SHIFT" and I am getting really wild at the depth of God's mandate for His people.The fact that God called us to go to nations and preach the Gospel, to build nations and institute His kingdom upon the earth. I will use my spare moments to prepare myself for these GREAT COMMISSION
instead of whiling away precious time.Never forget that the kingdom life is not a boring life and the kingdom life is an ACTIVE life with no time for frivolities and unnecessary activities we have wound our lives with. I desire to do my Father's will, that was Jesus' heartbeat on the earth. May HE alone HELP me to be so concerned about the things that make HIS kingdom and His righteousness.

Well I have a plate of doughnut and some fresh juice to share with those not dieting like me.I am such an occasional "dieter", i fluctuate like NEPA(power suppliers) and I have some pound(not money o) of weight as the consequences, sufficiently added unto me....But never mind, i did some exercise this morning and I will soon return to the stringent diet rules.

Well, work closes now and I will leave the monotonous activity I am tailored to. I will ruunnnnnnn from the AIRRRRRRRR conditioner blazing very cold, "winterous" air forced on me. Abeg, I will learn how to stay in cold when I travel to Canada, am sure I will put on some "heavy" thermal wear, gloves and good winter clothes and not just a simple short sleeve shirt- which cold penetrates without permission.

I will be with you tomorrow with some lessons God taught me yesterday.I am so excited to share because the story and revelation make me elated. I am glad I have GOD and know Him beyond some man-made doctrine....Please have a bite of my doughnut and sleep tight! I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!

p/s: I hope we can hang out one of these days and catch some fun,real mad fun before i enter man house ooooo....GOD BLESS u and keep shinning for JESUS

Bonjour mes amies

Please join me for a delicious sumptuous,mouth watering breakfast with some dessert.

Here we go: A friend just sent a word that makes me jump in my spirit.It is PSALM 3v5 speaking thus "I lay down and slept.I woke up in safety, for the LORD was watching over me". Just last night, i shared with my brother and friend Anie that we take sleeping and waking up for granted, we forget we fall asleep and awake by FAITH.Science has no hand in this abilities save the LORD. Some actually go to rest (die)in their sleep but we are privileged to hear one programmed and mechanical human-invented alarm wake us up.We forget that God is the originator of sleep and waking up.We kinda depend on the alarm or we trust people to wake us up and we seldom think we sleep and wake by our volition.On the contrary, a bed side alarm helps 'cos i have one in my phone(ha ha) but I believe the LORD jostles us to our feet after watching over our almost lifeless bodies through the night. If we assign the duties to Him, God will wake us anytime we ask him to. Scriptures say;

"He that WATCHES over us neither sleeps nor slumbers"

He does the job of a night watchman though in His case, he never drifts off or does a shift job.God does not get tired of looking after a million people all at the same time.He will never call up Gabriel or any angel to take over duties from HIM.He is always PRESENT and GOD is not weary of watching over us,remember He has time in his hands.HE is TIME,he is not bound by human numberings....A million days is like one day to HIM. God is sovereign!
So the next time Satan comes rattling your sleep and making you afraid of the day, ALWAYS remember that the LORD sets your lying down and he orders your waking up.The Lord is your watchman not the "mai-guard" and "ete-watchee" at your gate.

Be ASSURED he is a wall round about you though a mob arises to attack you-he conquers the insurgence mounted against you and he shatters their handicraft.

He OMNIPOTENT and he will NEVER fail in his duties because HE IS SAFETY,he is all things at all times amen.

Bon appetite mes amies.