Friday, June 17, 2011

Do ‎​you know...?

...Jealousy is a very subtle- as small as a mustard- deathly and fleshy seed which takes root in the soil of a human's heart, further sprouting wildly like shrubs and weeds, choking the good(mulberry)tree from producing good fruits.
I have been a victim of the silly seeds of jealousy several times and as a matter of fact, I just uprooted one -while writing this post- because I know the effect of that terrible,very deadly seed.

Jealousy can ruin a very fruitful vine. From the seed of jealousy comes the branches called envy, hatred,bitterness, gossip, backbiting, pride(inability to take another person's achievement and a refusal to accept others as better than us), an unteachable spirit and many more.

Jealousy is such a destructive seed which can be sold to others at no cost. I sell fruits :), I supply to people,companies etc different kinds of seasonal fruits as a way of encouraging a healthy eating habit and living a fruitful life. If for instance I sell sour,spoilt fruits many stomachs would run. The same goes with the works of the flesh. Sell jealousy, hatred, pride, and all kinds of evil and produce death.

What has been the cause of most of the competition,bench marking et al in this world we live? It's the stinking seed of jealousy disguising as a way of life. For no substantial reason, we begin to "beef" people,slight them, criticise and condemn them even when our facts/rumours about them are unfounded. "Dem say, dem no say" is the MOST common one among Nigerians but if ‎​you follow the gist to the root,its all a hoax peddled against innocent victims.

The typical seeds of jealousy or hate in the hearts of people are as a result of other's landmarks, successes like "she's promoted, she's always in the circles of the high and mighty and I ​​​am not", "she's ‎​‎​married,her husband pampers her and I'm not". "He owns houses, he's recognised everywhere he's known as the most brilliant, he receives awards and I don't." I have realised that all this has led men/women to doing jazz, witchcrafts, to consulting mediums,crystal balls and spirits. Jealousy has caused lies and betrayal to separate best friends and families ,innocent ones have been maimed and even assassinated.

Today, refute every seed of jealousy in your members. When you flip throw a magazine and ‎​you find an hour glass babe-meanwhile you're a size 18- wishing in the right side of your heart that ‎​you could be that slim, please take it in good faith and don't pass that sarcastic remark. If your effizy neighbour just bought the latest Toyota car while you're struggling with an old model Subaru, hold your hate and celebrate him except the source of his riches are questionable.

A litmus test: If you can't handle another person's progress, jealousy is taking root hence the need to be sincere to God. Personally,I've experienced this severally and almost always,I chant; "God I'm jealous,help ‎​​me". Its a big shame on my flesh for nursing jealousy, humanly speaking jealousy can be a way of life but to the Lord its SIN. Whatever it is I haven't achieved now,will happen in God's time so no point fighting anyone who has made it before ‎​​me.

Another simple way(and this has worked each time I try it) to avert those deathly seeds is to openly commend, bless and speak well of them from your heart.

May our God and Father help us to live a blameless life amen.