Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Womb-man


Who sells the "Kparaga"(hard drink) under the bridges? A woman!

Who runs the beer parlours and mans them(at least 60% of the time)? A woman?

Who services the men who drive thro Island, and those regular pick up joints? A woman

Who is used like a water cistern and dumped like whet tissue? The woman

Who plays the harlot and is stoned after each round? The woman

Who bears the brunt of domestic violence,sexual abuse and rape? The woman

Who is thrown out of the home at the death of a spouse and is subjected to despicable tradition? The woman

Who is made to cower under dark clothes and is not allowed to table an opinion? The woman

Who feels the guilt and covers up in shame? The woman

She is the WOMB-man,
Created from His rib.
And bearing the seed-"man-child"

She is an essential work of creation.

She is not a second class citizen nor a feminist;
She is who GOD formed her to be-

A companion, a thinker and a HELP suitable for the man.
She is not a loose piece of cloth,
But an embodiment of knowledge.

She is a valuable piece of fine stone,
Carved out to shine through a man.
She is an honourable woman;
Who fears the Lord.

She is a praying woman
Who stands on the watch towers to intercede for her ‎​​home.

She perhaps has flaws
Though repairable she is,
But is a joy to many generations;
Her works will be spoken of to many generations.

She is a virtuous woman
And she can be found.

She is not a heap of rubble (though may ooze with stinking weaknesses)
Within her lies springs of living water to wash her clean.

Treat her as gold, and she will sparkle;
Pamper her and her fragrance will change.
Show her extravagant love and her face will beam with smiles.
Soothe her with patience and the best of her will be revealed.
Treated her as weaker vessel
Because the Lord made her so.