Monday, August 23, 2010

We are God's temple

You are important to me and I to U.
We are God's House,
You are me and I'm you;
We are God's temple.

You're a Gatekeeper,I'm a singer,
She is God's office and He's a craftsman
We are important to each other;
We are the lintels and the tower
We are God's temple.

Some are administrators while others are cooks and charity workers'
We all are occupied with His work.
Some are "encouragers" and others Intercessors;
We fill the vacuum in the House
We are God's temple.

Some are Apostles and others Prophets
We are called and chosen for the harvest.
Some also are Shepherds and others Teachers
We complete the building.

While all can not function in same ministry,
We all are God's kingdom and His temple.
God has called some as tailors,others as supports,
We are LIVELY stones in the temple.

Some will write epistles and quite a number will go to the fields(missions)
We are relevant to God and His people.

Some will plant the seeds and others will water the flock
But God makes the increase.
We are God's temple and God's House.

He gave the pattern and diagram and our duty is to build as he commands.
We fill the cracks in the House and seal all leakages;
We belong to each other,you for me and me for you.
We are God's temple.

We have One Kingdom,
One House,
One body,
One Lord,
Only One Lord,
One faith;
One Baptism,
Only One God and Father over all.
We are God's temple.

The Trigger

Bonjour mes Amie...
It was a short weekend for me,i spent most of Saturday and Sunday on the road.On Saturday, i stayed in bed till....and of course stayed in God,did chores et al. Then I got set for a birthday bash(a small boy anyway) and i did not get home till about 7pm. Sunday was also like it-from fellowship with God's people to a marriage Introduction and I must confess,i usually have "work phobia", i really do not look forward to Mondays this days. God help me.Its either i need a change of job or some break. I have suddenly hated the 8 to 6 on one spot.I think I need a more versatile job or a better attitude to my present job.God will sort me out!!!

Well well, my people, lets start this week waiting on God and seeking His face for our nation. I am too sober to cook a sumptuous meal so I propose some fruit fast. I have prepared a rich,succulent bowl of fruits for all to share and balance it with fresh,cool water.

Nigeria, Oh our great Nigeria.The home of great minds yet living as "ICHABOD", a nation blessed with plenteous resources but corruption and all kinds of evil announces us.I am usually pathetic when we-I mean- God's people do not have a firm grip on the nation and can not predict the next step in government.We are either uninterested, blind, ignorant or absent minded .When I listen to some Radio and TV interviews, most people condemn Nigeria as hopeless.If you meet the average Nigerian about the happenings, all you hear is;"I don't know for them o! or "abeg naija no concern me o".

It reveals the state of ease and laxity among God's people-I am shamefully included. We spend majority of our time praying for our needs,wants, pursuing selfish desires,talking and praying about the progress of the church and criticizing the leaders.We sit around finding faults and poking fingers at "lawless" leaders, cursing and abusing our leaders.We live in bitterness, angst,depression, fear and the likes.We even claim to have lost hope in the nation and we do not anticipate any changes,we believe Nigeria is in a state of despondency and decadence that will never be repaired.We believe Nigeria will never emerge as a great nation.

We live without receiving a word from the Lord, we are oblivious to God's mind for the nation not to talk of praying.We feel God is not interested in the nation thinking all that matters to Him is salvation of our souls and I ask;"What of salvation of the soul called Nigeria?"Have we forgotten that God was concerned about physical Israel and still is?.

Remember ELIJAH WAS A MAN OF LIKE PASSION,who lived in a failed and corrupt government headed by a pagan King, Ahab yet he did not sit around like a hopeless man. In fact 1 Kings 17 brings into limelight this man who BOLDLY- such boldness a greater number of us do not have,we choose to play safe and cower in fear and cowardice.We loathe confronting the obvious leaving it to God- told Ahab that as a result of your sin,God has withheld rain in this land for...UNTIL I GIVE THE WORD. A mere man speaking with such audacity, not minding the consequences? The last time Pastor Tunde Bakare and company matched against the government,Christians(both church goers and Christlike men)openly criticized and disassociated themselves from him yet he confronted a just course and today, Bakare's revolution against Yar'Adua's government worked.

How do we think the blacks in America gained recognition if there was no MARTIN LUTHER KING? Go back in history and read on: "Wilberforce"and some others who fought for a just course,see the effect. Pastor Sunday Adelaja did same in Ukraine(Please look for his book "Church Shift")

People,Elijah spoke with such authority and if you are not close to your Bible, let me quote some verses for you-it may set fire in your wailing bones,Ha-ha!Read with me;
" Now Elijah, who was from Tishbe in Gilead, told King Ahab. "As surely as the LORD, the God of Israel lives-the God whom I worship and serve- there will be no dew or rain during the next few years unless I GIVE THE WORD"
Folks, We posses so much authority and power but we perish for lack of knowledge.Most times, we are carried away by our church buildings, sweet sounding church services and all others.If we were in Communist nations,I am so sure our mentality would change because we won't have citadels and Tabernacles with "Comfi", cushioned chairs and A/cs to cross our legs in.
We are made to believe that God called us out of the world so we rarely pray for the peace of Jerusalem. King David did when he said;"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem(Psalm 122) and Jesus wept over Jerusalem.Why won't we give Nigeria our time and prayers?Why can't i wake up at midnight and travail over Nigeria like I do for my dire needs?God has a heart for the nations, its his idea,his passion,his creation and all you can think of.God owns the nations,he says;"Only ask,and I will give you the nations as your inheritance" .So its God's idea.

I do not dispute that there are more than seven thousand wailing and travailing for NIGERIA.I believe many are passionate for a change.I am only addressing those who sit around speaking evil of the country.

May God open our eyes to the state of anarchy we find ourselves.Our present leaders will not do any better because they are callous,Godless men without a servant heart for Nigeria but since the government is still in the coffers,let us therefore ARISE and pray for Nigeria.Pray for YOURSELF cos if you became a leader, you may not be less than a dictator.Pray till the nations of this world becomes the nations of our God and Christ;pray till justice becomes the order of the day;pray till he rules in all spheres,pray till He institutes men like David on the throne-Ref:2 Chronicles 7 vs 14.

Pray; "Oh,God hear the cry of your people,we are under the bondage of taskmasters like the days of Egypt and we desire our liberty in all sectors of this GREAT NATION"We repent as 2 Chronicles 7 vs 14 says and we look to you to judge the nations yet in mercy.
Prophesy: Lord the kingdoms of this world will glorify you all our days.All sectors will speak of your glory and greatness.
Nigeria shall flourish again, we shall ARISE AND SHINE for the Light of God is upon us...Nigeria, beautiful things are spoken of you, amen.
Nepa, Telecomms,NIPOST, NASS and other sectors shall receive the life of the spirit amen.They shall flourish and bring forth light amen.

I pray God to open our eyes to the needs of our dear nation.Even if we sojourn in a foreign land, Nigeria still runs through our veins.God has a purpose for our Nigerian birth and nationality.We owe NIGERIA our prayers and commitment.That will start when we change our attitude to this nation i.e speak great things of her, and believe in her. Though she feels like a failed marriage, let's work hard to keep our love for her and change will come.

Maintain a right attitude and be accountable to her: Do not dump refuse on the road, queue and do not jump the line, do not throw stuff on the streets and in gutters, do not cut corners or break traffic rules and do not pay a bribe,etc.

God bless Nigeria, God bless AFRICA amen.

P/S: I hereby recommend the movie THE BOOK OF ELI by DENZEL WASHINGTON as a MUST watch.It has Biblical allegories and story...Eli,Ichabod Israel.