Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long time away from blogging

I just had to come back and dust off the cobwebs from this page. I have been either too lazy to blog- my phone was stolen days after our marriage ceremony and my husband's laptop is always with him at work and by the time he's home,its too late to blog- or too busy adjusting to the new life...marriage :).
Thanks to all who have stopped over to check on me, i am so grateful to YOU.
It's been two months since we hooked up and its awesome so far learning to live with someone from a different descent, tribe, with a different cultural value though bound by FAITH in Jesus yet having to agree with the others belief system, its awesome. I am so sure its not easy marrying/living with me(sorry to say that i mean what i say) but one thing I have appreciated so far in my husband since I knew him is that he's a PEACEMAKER and one quick to apologize no matter who's at fault,he doesn't have a heart for malice and grudge(yet i do,shamefully). That makes me love him so much. Its been so awesome having a companion, friend, brother and HUSBAND i can BOLDLY call my own, someone I can pray with and show love. My heart is RED with joy. I remember attending the EXPERIENCE(a musical concert organized by the HOUSE OF THE ROCK church in Lagos,Nigeria) alone in subsequent years and how i would feel so lonely because i had no one to hold hands with, rest my head on and joke with anytime I noticed something exciting or weird. Though I attended 2007 and 2008 concerts with people who were either married or "paired", I still felt that loneliness especially when i glance at couples dancing,playing and eating together. This year, i had the privilege of going there with MY HUSBAND, yes MY OWN MAN lol. Thank God for this opportunity and more, I am eternally grateful to HIM.

Well, after one, three, five and ten years i pray to have the BEST stories to tell about my marriage and I hope we will be a good example to so many. We hope for the best even in a world of troubled marriages, ours won't be rated as such for the Lord who made marriage will HOLD OUR HANDS and walk us through, amen. As always, we make HIM the HEAD and the center of this union,trusting HIM to paddle us through every storm, challenge, and dry seasons.

p/s: Sorry i posted those pictures "unprofessionally", the browser is too slow to make adjustments, bear with me :).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog LUNCH break and the BIG DAY in view :D

Hope we had a fantastic weekend and expecting a great week ahead.
Hello my blog community,how are we? I've not been committed to blog rounds lately and please pardon ‎​​me oh,some people at this stage in my life would understand what I mean ;) LOL. Ok let ‎​​me drop some of my testimonies: I got ‎​LEGALLY MARRIED on the 25th of August 2011and I'm beaming with smiles because God has "done ‎​​me well"(God is good to ‎​​me). I've actually been preparing for marriage all these years though I'm still a JJC wife(I'm a new kid on the block and learning the ropes daily) but right now,I have less than a month to plan for the ceremonies ahead of us. There's so much to be done though I'm calm,cool and collected as if "nothing de." I mean I'm cool and waiting patiently for the D-DAY trusting God to make the ceremonies glorious.

So let ‎​​me officially take my lunch break from blogville till I'm done with wedding plans,I'll try as much as I can to read posts and make comments. In case I'm unfaithful to your blog,ABEG PARDON MOI oh cos I'm running behind time now.
Before I sign out, make una de join mouth pray for our ceremonies o,make sun smile and day bright...will be right back.
Gracias blog pallies :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi to all my dear readers, I've not been following blogs lately- at least from Thursday till now so I've probably missed some post. Its been a very busy weekend and not had the slightest time to read blogs,will do so accordingly.

Blogging has taught ‎​​me that life/relationships at all levels is a two way thing- Father-children, God and His people, husband-wife, boss-"servant"(employer/employee), blogger to blogger,‎​ℓ☺ℓ - and relationships require a lot of patience, time. respect, commitments and lots more.

Blogging says to ‎​​me,"I am community" of people who love to write, share and have feedback/comments. I enjoy writing so people can read, but I MUST also enjoy reading people's blogs and dropping comments. This curbs a self-centred attitude, opening ‎​​my heart/mind to learn so much from people, widen my knowledge, understand people's perspectives about life and lots more. To say the least, blogging is fun and more fun when its two way!

However,I thought to put up a little post to say that GOD HAS BEEN AMAZING! I ​​​am not only talking of a God in the good times but a God who "remains God" in moments when the battle looks fierce and tough. God is ever present fighting unseen enemies and using every situation to shape, groom and beautify us for days ahead. Thank God he doesn't have to expose us to battlefronts because in Him is VICTORY. Honestly, a lot of us can't fight alone and no "super-humanness" can help. Its ONLY by His mercies we aren't consumed.

As a person, I'm learning to rest from musing over hardships,challenges, fearful times etc to say GOD IS AWESOME. God has proved to ‎​​me that he's got ALL things in control. I don't mean to steer up some empty sentiments and some superficial praise here o but a genuine one to celebrate a GREAT and MIGHTY God . My desire to remain thankful to God is to teach ‎​​me to rest, rely on Him and believe he's in charge. I'm learning to look away from everything to celebrate God's mercy, favour, grace and help.

I encourage all reading mine to STOP and THANK GOD for: life, hope,courage to forge on, victory, health, salvation, family, love, good jobs, a better tomorrow and all what not. Take it from ‎​​me, GOD IS THE GREATEST of all beings this world could ever have for in him is LOVE and LIFE so he deserves our sincere gratitude.

Have a splendid week ahead thanking God as ‎​you go.

Btw, I have loads of testimonies to share so watch this space in a couple of months :D.

Monday, August 15, 2011

...On Victory side

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who encouraged ‎​​me on my last post and thanks to a blogger/friend who's telephone call refreshed my heart a week ago.

For years now,I keep a journal where I scribble everything - my thoughts,personal experiences, nuggets from books/blogs/devotions and words spoken by people. Some of the things in my journal are written in my native language- Ibibio- for ‎​​"me,myself and I"‎​ to read ℓ☺ℓ.
Through the previous week, I penned down every obstacle I encountered and the encouragement I received. On Tuesday the 9th I wrote;

"Just when I thought I was crossing the last hurdle, another is set before ‎​​me. Every hurdle I encounter takes ‎​​me a notch higher. Though victory is sure, I learn (to grow)on the tracks."

I'm on a race peering at the finish line -at least for all the present challenges. I don't want to feel like a woman overly challenged by situations or constantly moaning over problems but one who faces them with a winning attitude. I'm learning to rejoice in God for the marvellous things he's done while fighting every set back like depression, self pity,anxiety,fear and the like because I'm really bent on finishing strong. For ‎​​me finishing strong requires running a race and running this race entails crossing several hurdles to emerge a winner.

No athlete in history has broken a world record sitting on the start up line? None! Usain Bolt's performance in the last Olympics amazed so many because he broke records and won several titles. He didn't come to the track to practise or lose,but win.

I read/watched an inspiring story of one of America's Olympic Champions "Gail Devers" who was diagnosed with "Graves disease" in 1990. She recovered and returned to the tracks and in 1991, Gail won a silver medal in 100m hurdles. I guess in the same ‎​year,in another competition,she stumbled on a hurdle and fell into the fifth position. In 1992/1995,she retained her goal title. At the age of 40, Devers edged 2004 Olympic champion Joanna Hayes to win the 60 m hurdles event at the Millrose Games in 7.86 seconds - the best time in the world that season and just 0.12 off the record she set in 2003. Through her career, she's won about 14 gold medals, and 4 silver medals. Awesome!

I can only imagine how these athletes battle injuries, diseases, disqualification/loss yet are determined to win the next competition and refuse to give up. So why should I fall out of the race of life?

I'm not a skilled athlete but I'm conscripted by the Lord to run the FAITH race and finish it gallantly.
I've asked myself severally if there could be a moment/time without challenges? As I hop over one hurdle another springs up. But how will I win if I don't scale over...? Sometimes I cross over with ease but many times I miss the mark. Yesterday, I failed so greatly,I hit the hurdle and fell in pain, regret, guilt, shame, etc leaving ‎​​me bruised. But today,I'm up with vigour and strength anticipating victory.

As Paul the Apostle said, "just as an athlete either follows the rules or is disqualified and wins no prize...", I ​​​ENOBONG is in this race to win. Like Paul,I want to say;
"I have fought the good fight,finished the RACE and remained FAITHFUL and now the PRIZE AWAITS ‎​​ME."

The truth is, VICTORY is sure, Christ guaranteed it eon years ago. I'm convinced that the race may not be to the swift neither will it be easy but its for the brave and courageous. I will keep running this race till I'm welcomed ‎​​home.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I will emerge stronger and better!

Hey people,
How has August been so far? Let ‎​​me start by saying Happy Birthday to a blogger who blesses my heart a lot: JAYCEE, may God's word be a light unto your path and a lamp for your feet to stride daily,amen.

Blogging from my phone "no bi beans" o(isn't so easy),scrolling from one end of a blog post to the other at a time can be tedious for my eyes,even going from one blog to another is something I don't really fancy on my phone because I can't get a full view of the blogs I follow.
So I've really not been able to follow/read most blogs or make comments on some like Le Dynamique Professeur, The Relentless Builder et al- perhaps their settings don't permit comments from phones save PCs. Its easier to open many windows on a PC so one can easily read one after the other.
Then yours truly,"internet providers" in our dear country Nigeria can sometimes be phony. Well...what can I do for now? Now I can appreciate the inventions of laptops,PCs,IPADs etc. Pls bear with ‎​​me if I've not made comments on your blogs lately,will soon get a modem for my laptop ;-)

Its been very chilly these days,nice weather though and VERY challenging I wish I can write everything I've been going through on my blog. I actually wrote a short prayer to God on Monday which I REALLY wanted to share here perhaps it would lift another soul passing through really trying times like ‎​​me. But then,I remember prayers are made to God not to man eventhough we pray-corporate prayers- aloud in church gatherings and men affirm with the AMEN to say "let it be or so be it". For now, I don't have a nudge to share the teary-eyed prayer(well not yet) till God permits....

Last night,I drew a firm conclusion that "tough times don't last as tough people do and I'm not giving up,no Never". Though I fall,I will rise riding on eagles wings. I shall not see shame because I wait on my Father so will I trust in Him alone. I ​​​am assured that the Lord is on my side 'cos I'm the apple of His eyes hence my pain is His pain. Though I'm crushed,weighed down and troubled,I will look to the rock from whence I was hewn.

To be very sincere,I have questioned God enough today but He remains ALL-knowing even when I don't have all the answers to my challenges. One thing is certain; "God will remain true even when men become liars-so says the word."

Friends,these are NOT cliche and Christianese-in fact I've realised that I find it so hard to share clichés when I'm in pain- but this is the SUREST WORD,the very truth of our existence, an ASSURANCE and an essential progression through life- THE WORD(JESUS). I just remembered that as pilgrims on this side of life,trials MUST come but in them we must be of good cheer for God has given us victory on all sides.

So may challenges draw us closer to the Father,may we hunger for God over the material benefits we always ask and command Him for,may God become the truest friend and lover we've ever sought to have, may trials groom,prune and prepare us for days ahead AMEN.

Please read Psalm 25 today. That was yesterday's WORD for ‎​​me.

P/S: LDP, I read your note on facebook and it addressed my situation and encouraged ‎​​me as well. I will peruse that note again right away. May the word of your mouth and meditations of your heart be acceptable to God,amen. Thumbs up guy ;)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Love story of Billy and Ruth Graham

Hey friends, I've been perusing Solomon's love notes recently just to get myself VERY assured and convinced of God's love and my role as an intimate lover. I've been overly distracted though and I can barely sit with God as He so desires but I'm learning to take one day at a time closer to his heart . Friends the more we know God(by pressing into Him) NOT by getting involved in activities and practising religion but KNOWING HIM intimately,the more we know HIS LOVE. His love will be tested a lot by stormy and thorny situations but we MUST still love him because he so desires we love him right back. God first loved us and gave his life for us, ours is to love in return.

In studying Solomon's today, I stumbled on this sweet Love story of Billy and Ruth Graham- by their daughter Gigi Graham Tchividjian- to buttress my point. Pls read carefully:

"There is no greater love than the love of God. However,here on earth God has given us certain relationships that give us a taste of or a glimpse into His divine love.
The first relationship that was created and ordained by God to help us understand in some small measure the greatness of His love is the MARRIAGE relationship. A well-balanced, loving marriage relationship is the nearest thing to "heaven on earth", as so many of our writers have reminded us. Scriptures includes many comparisons between our relationship with God and the marriage relationship.
I believe that one of the reasons that I came to know and love the Lord at an early age was because I saw His love manifest in the marriage relationship around ‎​​me. From the time I was a very young girl, I knew Mother and Daddy loved each other. They were obviously sweethearts,and after almost sixty years of marriage, they are lovers still... Mother and Daddy's marriage is an exception and not necessarily an example. God picked a very special woman and a very special man to do a very special job. Young Christians today can't look at Ruth and Billy Graham as an example of a "normal" marriage. So in that sense, I don't know whether I was fortunate or unfortunate. But from the moment I could sense things, I knew Mother and Daddy loved each other deeply and dearly. Even today in their older age, whenever I'm with them, Daddy's eyes light up and his demeanour changes when Mother is in the room. And Mother's eyes light up and she becomes happy and excited when he comes into the room. So I know there is a real love match there. It was a great sacrifice for them to be apart so much of the time because they were and are deeply in love.
One of the major magazines came out with an issue od the one hundred greatest love stories of the century. All kinds of celebrities were featured. And tucked in with the rest was a very small picture of Mother and Daddy. I looked at the other "great love stories" and thought, MOST OF THESE SO-CALLED LOVE STORIES HAVE ENDED in divorce,and many are not even ‎​married so what exactly does this culture perceive as love?
Here is a couple who have been ‎​MARRIED almost sixty year,still together and still in love. They have ENDURED ups and downs, hardships, stress, separations, sadness and loneliness as well as happy times. And their love story is tucked in between notorious love stories that have not lasted? Which is the true example of love?"

Need I say more,this story has left ‎​​me with a knowing that God's love endures forever,His love is weigh too deep,His love is a mystery and a replica of the marriage relationship HE(God) ALONE INSTITUTED FOR MAN AND WOMAN(only) which is a picture of CHRIST and the CHURCH.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Excite my heart to LOVE!

This week I've been doing a study on one of the most romantic verses of the Holy book and making notes as I receive inspiration which I'll be sharing in subsequent post.

My study today led ‎​​me to sing the chorus of a popular gospel song;

"Hold ‎​​me close, let your love surround ‎​​me;
Bring ‎​​me near draw ‎​​me to your side.
And as I wait,I'll rise up like the eagle.
I will soar with ‎​you,your spirit leads ‎​​me on
In the power of your love."

As I corroborate the words of this song with some lines in Solomon's book -S.O.S.- it strikes ‎​​me how much intimacy and love Solomon and his lover(woman)shared. S.O.S paints a succinct picture of two lovers so lost in themselves. God created a special place in man's heart to long for a partner, a helper, a companion,a friend and a wife hence woman was formed. The mystery of marriage cannot be explained away by empty philosophies and cannot be toyed with by man. Marriage between a man and woman is a very clear expression of Gods love with His people.

Anytime I study Solomon's song to his lover,I ​​​am lost in God's extravagant love for all of mankind. I realise how much God longs for attention, desperation for him and intimacy from us.
The challenges we encounter in life play a large role in defining our love for God e.g when a woman is going through a barren situation,she gets to feel God is dispassionate, unfair and insensitive to her cry for a child. I've in several occasions judged God's love through lack,cruel human treatment,etc and I've been forced to think God is not concerned about those delicate/emotional areas of my well being.

But whether our flipping emotions like it or not, God's love is millions and millions of times higher, wider and deeper than our human minds can fathom. No matter how our fleshy minds seek to stifle this truth,God's love is as immeasurable as the oceans deep. Someone said to ‎​​me that even if God decides to cover us with just one canopy of love,we still cannot unravel its greatness . The man and woman in S.O.S express such depth of love,mind ‎​you they are not afraid to be vulnerable to each other,they just reel out the longing of their heart to each other -no walls built,no guards up,no erotic,earthly fickle feelings- without fear or shame.

And who knows that the love we speak of transcends times and seasons(its not limited).It's love which produces more love, love which grows in the midst of the worst valley situations,love that strengthens and refreshes like feeding a weary body with the finest of natural fruits. Such love that revives and ignites a heart to love in the midst of thorny discouraging situations. Love that endures hard times,love that sparks up a desperate soul to long for her lover. Love which knows no bounds.
Its such love that calls out to all -without an iota of segregation, class, tribe or tongue- to come into its embrace and be safe in there. Its love that binds us in faith covering a multitude of sins. Now,that's the LOVE I long to have,to hear the voice of my lover calling out to ‎​​me so I can run into his shadow,surrounded by His love.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The rain is a blessing but...

10th July 2011: It just kept pouring like the tears of a wailing child refusing to be comforted. Someone said on her bbm message; "Sixteen hours of uninterrupted rain", so true that's why its called; RAINY SEASON. I always say the rain is a blessing not a curse but this kind of downpour came like a warning to mankind,huh.
Yesterday's rain rendered some homeless while some like a friend of mine lost valuables in his house. Not even the big cars like the jeeps could manoeuvre the flooded roads while small cars and motorcycles were stuck. I stood at the bus stop over forty minutes waiting for a bus,as usual the rain either creates an artificial traffic or scarcity of cars. Not even a Samaritan passed by to pick ‎​​me,lol.

Pictures have been going back and forth on facebook, bbm(blackberry messenger) and I guess blogs on this sort of "Olufunsho" flood which swept across major streets in Lagos. Sad!

Btw,the drainages and other outlets in Lagos and Nigeria are a horrible sight to behold. First of all,which sane contractor builds a street without gutters?Who constructs major roads without adequately providing good drainages? Drive around Lagos and ‎​you find out that for years now drainages have been a major challenge. The gutters we have at the moment are clogged with sand, all kinds of wraps and bottles, dirts(people sweep dirts into the gutter),stagnant water and all kinds of things. This gutters breed mosquitoes and other insects which is not meant to be. Insects that cause diseases live in this gutters then fly into homes. Guess what,some people live just by some of this gutters, inhaling the pungent smell,of course mosquitoes are no longer pest but friends and the smell doesn't affect them anymore. Sad!

My brother-a civil engineer- was describing how a standard drainage system should be built which will reduce a lot of the floods in Lagos and Nigeria. He said sloppy/hilly areas require drainages that will fit that terrain and table land areas need drainage experts/engineers to study the terrain and determine a gradient that will fit a drainage unit for such an area. This gradient can be obtained from the engineers design. Now the challenge for some contractors(many of our local contractors are good at building roads but are not drainage experts) is how to apply that gradient. If the gradient is not correctly transferred from the design to the ground and the units are not constructed according to the design,the gutters won't flow.
Presently, we have built up areas that are already densely populated, and building drainages will be very tasking. Many structures may be demolished because most houses in the high brow and down town areas are sitting on the drainage channels(pipes).

So, if you're told that your house,I mean your PERSONAL home is sitting on one of this channels,what will ‎​you do? Are ‎​you ready for the consequences that will go with constructing standard drainage systems to avert floods in the future? Think about this!
For the Lagos State government to construct standard drainage pipes, many homes,shops,church buildings,offices etc will be affected(I'm not being insensitive here).
If you're moving into a newly developed area like us,this should serve as a warning sign as well to advocate for STANDARD drainages. Once our roads are properly built with standard drainages, the rains won't affect us.

What I'm I saying here? The rain is a blessing from the God who said "as long as the earth continues,planting and harvest,cold and hot,summer and winter,rain and dry seasons,day and night WILL NOT STOP". The last and only time God sent a flood was in the days of Noah,where he punished man's disobedience and He used the flood to wipe out man's wickedness from the earth. But he promised never to destroy mankind as he did with a flood. After the rains came a rainbow as a reminder of God's promises. So most of the floods we encounter in this part of the world are signs of "negligence"on the part of man. In my candid opinion,yesterday's was a man-made flood not a punishment from God as some believe. If we have basic amenities and standard drainages, the gutters won't overflow to the roads and there will be no floods.

For now,we all are victims of this mighty flood,and I sincerely empathise with all affected and hope that the government and all stakeholders will "make hay while the sun shines."

Friday, July 1, 2011

In all things, GIVE THANKS

On the 22nd of June, God kept nudging ‎​​me to thank Him. I clearly heard him say to ‎​​me; "In all things, give thanks"... The situation I found myself at that time was that of deprivation, depression,loss in my growing business,some lack of money etc. I could neither cry nor was I allowed to remain sad.

I came back ‎​​home from my regular supply, abit drained and so exhausted. I didn't have a sound sleep the previous night because I thought of the supplies(anxiety you'd call it ,mschew). I woke up by 4am to prepare the fruits, and on my way to Victoria Island with my sister, rain started pouring "lions and bears". My dear sister had driven to a point so we could hop on the BRT(Bus Road Transit) because she foresaw a traffic. We stayed in traffic over an hour thirty minutes, went into flooded Victoria Island and I practically swam to get to my destination. I boarded an "okada"(motorcycle) with a cooler, an Umbrella and my handbag to my first pot of call to drop their order. Then I set out for another place, folded up my trousers so I could "swim" through the almost knee length river. I suddenly felt deflated,humbled and ALONE. But in all, I kept giving God thanks.

I got ‎​​home later that evening and fell on my bed struggling to keep a grateful heart before the Lord. I stretched out and gave THANKS. I just didn't let the devourer and Father of lies to keep ‎​​me in despair. Frankly, that day was a bad day but I kept chanting; "In all things, give thanks..."
I can't say I wasn't disappointed and at a loss but what could I do than give thanks for EVERYTHING he's being doing for ‎​​me? That day, I told the Lord to bless my effort and bless my days of little beginning, make my job excellent and anoint ‎​​me to do exploit in the market place.

Today being the 1st of July, I ​​​am giving thanks again singing;

"He's been good Oh he's been good,
He's been good so good to His people.
Praise the Lord Oh praise the Lord;
Let everything that has BREATH praise the Lord"

This 1st day in July, I'm ​eternally grateful that neither death nor life,loss, persecution nor troubles in this present world can stop ‎​​me from praising my God. I ​​​am so glad that my eyes have seen today and my family and friends have crossed over into the second half of the ‎​γεαr, Praise the Lord.

Though the losses of previous weeks have been added to my experiences in life,they've helped ‎​​me grow and have opened my eyes to greater opportunities. I still praise the Lord.

In the words of a certain musician I sing again;

"If I had ten thousand tongues, I'll sing your praises with everyone. I surrender my heart,in your complete control. You have my commitment to love ‎​you ever more."

I ​​​am indeed overwhelmed by His mercy,I'm so blessed today knowing He's in charge and always concerned about all-he's a very detailed Father- the affairs of my life. So I praise Him for the six months ahead of ‎​​me.

‎​So people, join ‎​​me to PRAISE THE LORD!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Each ‎morning when I wake up;

I have every reason to say "Thank ‎​you Father" for such a beautiful day.
I roll over in my bed, thanking Him for his mercy.
I know the Lord has blessed my day and I have all the lovely pray' to say;
"Lord you're good to ‎​​me,its by your mercy I ​​​am here."
Guide ‎​​me through and keep my family safe,
Let my friends excel in all the do on earth.

May we live to fulfil your will I pray,
And may our existence glorify ‎​you always.
Bless our going out and our coming in,
Anoint our feet and lift our heads;
Guide our thoughts and direct our steps.

Deliver us from the pestilence by day,
Shield us from the arrows by night.
Let our lives be a sweet smelling savour,
And our words,let it be seasoned with salt.
In all,may we live for eternity,
trimming our lamps and preparing our robes for
Our Heavenly ‎​​home.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Abide in ‎​​me that ye may produce much fruits

I love fruits a lot, in fact as a ​"fruit provider", anytime I have to buy fruits,I try to select the best without a bad spot or a pungent smell. One day I bought some fruits,on getting ‎​​home, all the pineapples and watermelon were bad and I couldn't use them for my job. Painfully,I threw them away. It would have been unfair of ‎​​me to supply bad fruits to my clients. I wouldn't only lose my credibility but no one would refer my job to others.

Now,Jesus says; "I ​​​am the vine and ‎​you are the branches" and we know by now that branches bear fruits. Fruits actually grow on and are plucked from branches. Anytime there's a wind, fruits fall to the ground and ‎​‎​you find even kids scrambling under the tree to pack fruits(personal experience). Dead fruits which often drop with the good ones are selected and thrown away because it cannot be eaten.

So it is with a branch which doesn't bear good fruits, it's cut off so the tree can grow well. Dead branches cannot produce any fruits,they fall off and people either discard or use as firewood.

Jesus said and still says to ‎​you and me; "Remain in ‎​​me and I will remain in ‎​you".
Its no fairy religious tale neither is it a nursery rhyme. ‎​​Its a continuous process of consecration and pure,wholesome dedication to the Father as ‎​​we consciously stay(intimately) in Him. Remaining in Jesus is a sure way to producing fresh fruits. Its in him our branches are rid of bad fruits of: hate,bitterness, lust,anger,selfishness, and every sinful desire. Our branches are not supposed to-neither can they- bear good and bad fruits at the same time. Its in our intimacy with Him that he reveals Himself and exposes our hearts to us till we are like Him.

When we get so occupied with life,with little or no time for God we fail to realise how dead we become(‎​​Me very guilty here). But he's giving us another chance to RETURN,to remain in ‎​​him and FOLLOW His teaching so he can trim, prune and dress us lest we are thrust into fire.

Today,I lay before the lover of my life every bad fruit on my branch like bitterness, jealousy, angst,hate,unforgiveness etc and i keep pressing into Him(Jesus)till I can bear rich fruits of righteousness. By His grace alone, will I abide,dwell,remain,stay glued,be united to and fixed on Him. Without Him I cannot live. I need the gardener's nourishment(The WORD which is Jesus),I need his pruning, and the cleansing of His water and the WORD to bear richer,more excellent fruits.

I ​​​am also presenting this truth to my blog friends as he's led it in my heart; Jesus is saying to us all to ABIDE in him and not let our daily-busy- lives choke us.

Stay in Him
Receive instructions for your daily pursuits
Listen to him and DIGEST his truth
Bear your heart every time you're in a fix
Let Him be a Father, lover,friend and everything to ‎​you.

He is the vine and we are the branches. If people must find nourishment in our fruits, then there must be no room for stagnation or death and this can ONLY be achieved when we ABIDE IN HIM.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Do ‎​you know...?

...Jealousy is a very subtle- as small as a mustard- deathly and fleshy seed which takes root in the soil of a human's heart, further sprouting wildly like shrubs and weeds, choking the good(mulberry)tree from producing good fruits.
I have been a victim of the silly seeds of jealousy several times and as a matter of fact, I just uprooted one -while writing this post- because I know the effect of that terrible,very deadly seed.

Jealousy can ruin a very fruitful vine. From the seed of jealousy comes the branches called envy, hatred,bitterness, gossip, backbiting, pride(inability to take another person's achievement and a refusal to accept others as better than us), an unteachable spirit and many more.

Jealousy is such a destructive seed which can be sold to others at no cost. I sell fruits :), I supply to people,companies etc different kinds of seasonal fruits as a way of encouraging a healthy eating habit and living a fruitful life. If for instance I sell sour,spoilt fruits many stomachs would run. The same goes with the works of the flesh. Sell jealousy, hatred, pride, and all kinds of evil and produce death.

What has been the cause of most of the competition,bench marking et al in this world we live? It's the stinking seed of jealousy disguising as a way of life. For no substantial reason, we begin to "beef" people,slight them, criticise and condemn them even when our facts/rumours about them are unfounded. "Dem say, dem no say" is the MOST common one among Nigerians but if ‎​you follow the gist to the root,its all a hoax peddled against innocent victims.

The typical seeds of jealousy or hate in the hearts of people are as a result of other's landmarks, successes like "she's promoted, she's always in the circles of the high and mighty and I ​​​am not", "she's ‎​‎​married,her husband pampers her and I'm not". "He owns houses, he's recognised everywhere he's known as the most brilliant, he receives awards and I don't." I have realised that all this has led men/women to doing jazz, witchcrafts, to consulting mediums,crystal balls and spirits. Jealousy has caused lies and betrayal to separate best friends and families ,innocent ones have been maimed and even assassinated.

Today, refute every seed of jealousy in your members. When you flip throw a magazine and ‎​you find an hour glass babe-meanwhile you're a size 18- wishing in the right side of your heart that ‎​you could be that slim, please take it in good faith and don't pass that sarcastic remark. If your effizy neighbour just bought the latest Toyota car while you're struggling with an old model Subaru, hold your hate and celebrate him except the source of his riches are questionable.

A litmus test: If you can't handle another person's progress, jealousy is taking root hence the need to be sincere to God. Personally,I've experienced this severally and almost always,I chant; "God I'm jealous,help ‎​​me". Its a big shame on my flesh for nursing jealousy, humanly speaking jealousy can be a way of life but to the Lord its SIN. Whatever it is I haven't achieved now,will happen in God's time so no point fighting anyone who has made it before ‎​​me.

Another simple way(and this has worked each time I try it) to avert those deathly seeds is to openly commend, bless and speak well of them from your heart.

May our God and Father help us to live a blameless life amen.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Naija problem in my opinion

After reading Ibhade's- Housewife tales- post(please look for hers and read) on her estate wahalas, it got ‎​​me thinking so much about this country called Niger-area.

Hmm, IT IS WELL-though an awesome word in the scripture- is one unusually used cliche to wave off the obvious. But I choose not to lie to myself this ‎morning that all is well because the problems are so glaringly ugly,irksome and sad. I may ramble abit but follow my flow keenly:

I'm not one person given to criticising nigeria because in all honesty I have a deep seated passion for her but this "fifty ‎​γεαr old-looking baby" at this moment needs to grow up. My sixty something ‎​γεαr old mum cannot be shitting in her pants nor my four ‎​γεαr old nephew,he knows he would be spanked. But it seems my dear Nigeria is like one country with all the shitty problems stuck to her pants. Its either government is reeling out a bla blah point agenda/propaganda on things its yet to achieve, or its passing bills into laws(laws yet to be properly effected) or efcc is-boring us with news on- diverse probes and arrest of Ex law makers or an ex-governor or ex-one somebody or the other. The cases never seem to have an end. Now how much has been recovered at least right from 1998(after the dictator passed)? How much of all the millions recovered from Swiss banks or stashed away has been used to build this country to International standard? I mean built to a point where NITEL(a government owned telecoms) provides cheap call rates and we can spend a while talking on phone and pay less? Or NIPOST(government owned postal service) is taking letters round Nigeria in less than forty eight hours, where at the Ports Authority goods are cleared,etc ASAP, where the railway corporation is working 2-4-7 and we won't need to fly bikes on major roads or struggle with rickety buses. Where immigration, customs, Police face their duties responsibly without oiling hands, where we won't have to sink our boreholes but fetch and drink water supplied by water corporation, where Nigeria Airways is the national carrier used by many with very sane air fares, where environmental Sanitation agencies clean every nook and cranny, clear gutters, empty dust bins and even provide bins in strategic places for people to throw refuse. I mean, where Fire service and emergency help lines are in order,not arriving one hour after a crisis.

Where this nation state as oil producers will sell PMS(premium motor spirit) and other petroleum products at an affordable rate; where government hospitals are equipped and people won't have to "kick the bucket" because of negligence and a care free attitude; where NEPA/PHCN supply uninterrupted power (and I weep right now) #hiss and all other like NTA, NN-acronym and NN-parastatals are JUST WORKING as it was when I was young....

My God, HAVE MERCY! This country should be a million miles away from where it is now.

Do I blame the government alone? NO! Should the government perform better than it is doing right now? An uncountable YES from ‎​​me.
But do Nigerians need to change their perspective and comments made about this country?YES. Can we make constructive criticism and join hands to build than stand back saying; "Nigeria issue no concern ‎​​‎​​me or I no wan get headache on top naija mata? YES.
Even if ‎​you live in the moon and ‎​your name is "Ada, Eno, Yetunde, Hassan, your roots will still be traced back to Nigeria, every time ‎​you hear there's fire in Niger Delta, killings in Aba/Onitsha or Northern Nigeria,you will hold your breathe making frantic calls, praying it doesn't reach your loved ones.

Don't mind my lamentation this early ‎morning. Its Ibhade's write up that's made ‎​​me think so deep and I've attached a paraphrased comment I dropped on hers;

"...No amount of the "it is well" cliche can change Nigeria except we all stand up and effect changes where we can. You may not agree with ‎​​me here but I believe our attitude(everyone)MUST change if Nigeria is to be like the Western countries ‎​​we compare it to. People live orderly lives there and choose to abide by laid down laws. If government isn't working hard at keeping Nigeria clean,some of us dirty it even more. ‎​You find stacks of refuse,bottles, pure water wraps,food wraps, name them in gutters and on streets. At times I marvel at how sane people can live in dingy squalors-365 days of their lives- waiting for government to come and clean their immediate environs. I pass by some restaurants, stalls in the market and almost puke.
We live like lawless people always waiting for the government. Now who's the government?There are ‎​you and ‎​​me who get into power and suddenly lose sight of their duties and problems in the land. There are those civil servants, neighbours etc who are dispassionate, lackadaisical,non chalant and passive about their jobs.

Our attitude must change as we play our part: Let's build our country with our words, Keep Nigeria clean, don't throw things on the road like a woman I sat with today who flung her gum on the road. In fact throwing things on the road and in gutters is a plague(sane educated or literate people throw gala wraps and bottles out of their cars). ‎​​We need to learn/keep simple laws or make laws to guide you e.g queue up everywhere and don't jump the line, obey traffic rules etc."

I don't mean to be pessimistic or sound critical,but I'm stating the facts while looking to God the final judge for help. As Ezekiel in the 37th Chapter was led to the valley of dry bones, I stand there now looking at my dear country like those bones saying LORD thou knowest what will become of this country in five years but I speak to the dry bones to LIVE amen. I pray ‎​you Lord to scatter the cabals, dissolve caucus and godfathers surrounding the seat of power hindering progress.

I know without a shadow of doubt that Nigeria is a few steps away from change and it shall stand amen.

I say as provoked;
"NIGERIA shall FLOURISH again amen. "

Saturday, June 11, 2011

In a nutshell...

I've not had so much time this week and each time I think of what to write,so many thoughts cloud my mind. This week has been very interesting,extremely challenging and perhaps hectic. With time,I'd like to share on this blog my personal experiences-lessons learnt in a short period of time- as a new business person striving against the odds like power failure and immobility yet forging ahead like a rugged soldier.

Though this post isn't to talk about the business I do but I'll like to mention briefly: I ​​​am a "fruit supplier/seller LOL who's out to encourage healthy eating. I have started supplying companies fruits in bowls for lunch breaks and as a healthy snack for the health conscious folks. So if ‎​you live in the Lagos environ,have this in mind that ‎​​we can cater for your events as well or supply fruits(either nicely chopped,or whole fruits in a basket) to ‎​you in the convenience of your ‎​​home and offices. ‎​​We are also getting ready to produce pure,fresh juices and smoothies in addition to our fruit baskets, fruit platters etc. ‎​​We encourage people too BLESS homes with fruits as the healthiest and best ‎​gift idea because we know the essence of staying alive by munching fruits. I'd like to talk about the importance of most fruits subsequently.
My business page on facebook is: ENYBEES KIOSK and I can be reached via or on 07065561595 :D #marketingstrategy

I'd also like to share the link below with ‎​you for your perusal:

Its an interesting read for ‎​married and intending couples to learn from. Happy reading.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Help! What's happening...

Hello my dear blogspot friends,

The blogger bug just beat enybee's. I've been reading through certain blogs like Naijamum L's blog on "in my bags, read Dosh's "she lives..., read Sisi Yemmie's and Desperate Naija Woman's etc and I'm unable to comment. Its so painful I think :(

What do I do please?

Please Myne Whitman(my blog consultant and perhaps mentor,LOL) come to the rescue or anyone tell ‎​​me what I need to do please. Help a sista out :-)

Thank ‎​‎​you and great week y'all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Be a blessing

Have ‎​you ever been stranded and ‎​you wished the man queuing in front of ‎​you or the woman sitting beside ‎​you in a bus could perceive your dire need? Yes I have experienced this severally. Sometimes it goes beyond physical needs to matters that touch the heart and reach to the soul.

What comes to my mind when I'm in need with no immediate help are: a "spirit of discernment and selflessness." To have this virtues means to know beyond your need,to reach out to other people as much as the power lies within ‎​you. To know without being informed of someone's challenges and how to offer help(it could be a short prayer, a phone call,an sms etc).

I know some days I'm so nasty and self centred that I would not give alms to a beggar or stop to meet a need as little as road direction. Sometimes, I'm boxed up in my world praying for ‎​​me,myself and I. This is not to put myself down as unkind;I have those moments I render help on a bus,answer a question on the road, help a nursing mother and just go all out for people without a reward. I grin whenever I lend myself for another's good. But I want it to be part of my daily life- to be a blessing to others at no cost.

This life is woven around blessing-Love others as yourself-others as God teaches us to. If we must be Christ like,we must discern people's needs and lead selfless lives. ‎​​We must know when to speak and not to,when to give,how to love,how to share, when to give a pat,a hug,a rebuke, counsel,instruction;how and when to sacrifice and understand people without them expressing their needs. This is simple religion at its best.
May God lead us daily to go out of our way,our problems and busy lives to bless a stranger and a loved one with a smile, money, kindness, a visit and all what not Amen.

Monday, May 23, 2011

And I shout ENOUGH

I have been this patient with life,waiting for a whole lot of dreams to come true. Recently, I realised that only the violent take it by force. I ​​​am surfing through the WORD in my head and right now, the host of my body I.e my intestinal members,my heart,mouth, hands,eyes and others are screaming; "LORD enough is enough." One of my favourite scriptures being the prayer of Jabez has popped up again on the screen of my life and I'm speaking out with authority;
"Lord enlarge, increase, break forth, open up, loose, bring to pass ALL I have patiently waited for. "

Even though I have a strong opinion that knowing God intimately is not(and will never be) all about "Bless ‎​​‎​​me,bless me with shoe,car,house,clothes,money" etc. But material benefits are essential to life and are the other things added unto ‎​​me to make life more comfortable at least Baba God no go gree ‎​​me waka naked,he go cloth and shelter ‎​​me.

The Bible also says; The Lord who redeemed Abraham says to His people; "My people will no longer pale with fear or be ashamed. For when they see their many children and material blessings, they will recognise the holiness of the Holy One of Israel. They will stand in awe of God. Those in error will then believe the truth, and those who constantly complain will accept instruction."

Whoever is reading this should know that MY TIME has come and it is NOW. Some benefits are long over due so I grab the hem of his garment, I hold unto Him in a wrestle bout,I ​​​persistently hold the tassels of the judge's robe like the widow in Luke 18 and I ​​​am saying like Jabez;

"Oh that ‎​you will bless ‎​​me indeed&enlarge my coast&that your hand will be with me&that you would keep me from evil,that it may not grieve me. "

And God granted him (Jabez) that which he requested...a man once living in the sorrows of his mother's birthing circumstance, a man who's name clearly defined his future- Mr. SORROW PAIN! A man who was barely managing life,accepting the blows,whips and punches as the norm till he reached the peak and couldn't take it anymore.
Yes,trials and tribulations are definitely part of the Christian faith but they have their place. In his case, this was a self inflicted pain not the chastisement of the Lord. Until Jabez made a succinct decision to address them, he would have lived with that pain and sorrow all his life but he refused to let it be and refused to be subjected to his mother/family experiences. He called on the God of Heaven and the Almighty heard.

I Enobong Ita Ekpott is "holding fast to the promise,the word God has spoken to ‎​​me. I speak to the mountains and I cast them into the sea. Aha, the set time to favour ENO has come, NOW is the set time. I take it by force, I call forth everything for this season of my life from the far ends of the earth. I ​​ walk on my high places. I break forth into loud singing, I ​​​am lifted from the dunghill into my high places. I shout out in praise saying ENOUGH of the limitations, I enlarge and bust at my seams. I spring up from the lowly places of incessant pain and walk boldly into the season of joy and celebration. It's no longer business as usual,I no longer manage the little space and I will henceforth not say; "what will be,will be". I say ENOUGH to all the status quo, to the past, enough of the mid night cry,pain,lack and its various siblings. Right now, I embrace life through Christ which he abundantly and freely bestowed on ‎​​me. So,Eno is wealthy and is blessed on ALL sides amen.

And I pray for ‎​you who's reading; "May the Lord bless ‎​you and keep ‎​you. May His face shine on ‎​‎​you; may He lift up his countenance upon you and bring peace. May your testimony be as loud and clear like Hannah's, Elizabeth's, Mary's, Lazarus', Sarah's, etc and may men rejoice with ‎​you in the only most powerful and ever reliable name of Jesus AMEN.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Rejoice with those who rejoice"

I ran up the staircase and into my room gleefully,jumping and releasing some adrenaline. Then I paused and wondered what made ‎​​me so enthralled and full of life? It was goodnews that greeted ‎​​me this evening about a friend who's been ‎​married for some years now and is "with child". OMG I felt like the one carrying the miracle baby,no wonder Mary ran over to visit with Elizabeth as she heard the Lord had taken away her reproach. It's a celebration in anticipation of the bundle of joy and no devil can stop that "John, Samuel,Isaac, Joy or Jemimah" from coming forth amen.

Yesterday, I commended a friend who has an exceptionally habit of celebrating people. I have learned a lot from her and now, I consciously CHOOSE to celebrate with people without holding any hidden jealousy or envy. I realise that men who genuinely rejoice,support and stand by people are always blessed. I have come to know under the sun that people who despite their challenges celebrate others who have successful stories always reap what they have sown in multiple folds. I ​​​am reading one of Rick Joyner's books where he shared a story of a pastor cum friend who had some jealousy rising in his heart for the former when he saw him with a new car while he was driving an old car. He recognised it and resolved to thank God for Joyner. A few weeks later,God visited him with a new car identical to Joyner's.

Every time ‎​you realise a critical spirit born out of jealousy or bitterness for another man's progress, please ask the Lord to douse that fire and fill your heart with joy. If you're single, an expectant mother, unemployed or challenged in anyway and ‎​you find someone whom ‎​you consider younger, less privileged,and the likes excelling ahead of ‎​you, please do not hesitate to celebrate with them. Don't moan or question God for being partial. Yes, its human to ask the Lord when your day of harvest is coming but let that not be on account of another man's day of rejoicing.

I have personally asked the Lord to help ‎​​me celebrate with all my friends whom the Lord has blessed with good marriages, babies, homes, jobs, promotion, etc and refrain from tearing people down, criticising, back stabbing and expressing any negative spirits.

Some strategies I have adopted if I find streaks of jealousy are: praise(and not feigned eulogy) the person(s) who's attained a height I'm yet to reach, pray my heart out for them and support them in whatever way I can. That way, I'm free from "beef"while waiting for my own day to come.

So,I'm using this medium to celebrate all my friends getting ‎​married in May,June and July, I also celebrate with my sister who's just released her musical album. I celebrate with two dear friends who were "ICAN certified"-now Associate Chartered Accountants- on Wednesday;I'm celebrating with three couples who just received their bundle of joy(babies) and also celebrate with everyone who's reading this post in anticipation of their awesome testimonies. ‎​​We shall come rejoicing, singing, dancing with loud songs of victory bringing in the sheaves.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Thank ‎​you "Maid of Heart/Histiara"(your blog blessed ‎​​me) for reminding ‎​​me that Jesus paid the ultimate price and no form of human striving and "flexing muscle" can pay the price again. Its relieving to know that its not by works lest I boast but GRACE....
I'm not particularly given to Easter celebrations but this period serves as a reminder to the finished work on Calvary. Easter assuredly ignites the reason we live and that reason is Christ but it's more than a Friday to Sunday in the month of April.

​ Jesus forgave all my sins and took them upon himself, covering ‎​​me with His love. He is the gold and I ​​​am the wood--he blurs all my weaknesses with perfection- which is decked ‎​ up into a beautiful piece of furniture all decked with purple, gold, and priestly(Kingly) apparel.

By the power of resurrection, Jesus gave ‎​​me access to the Father, and I ​​​am alive with Him who forgave my sins once for all time and still forgives when I make silly mistakes. Anytime Satan strolls by to dig up ‎​​my past or cook up lies to sway ‎​​me again into bondage, I'm reminded that Jesus cancelled the record that contained the charges against ‎​​me taking it and nailing it to Christ's cross.

When the devil rises like a flood, Jesus reminds ‎​​me that He disarmed the evil authorities and rulers and made a public shame by victory over them on the cross. So I AM FREE no longer bound nor captive. By reason of the blood of Christ, I ​​​am brought near to God. I have peace with the Father and I ​​​am an heir to the throne with rights to the estate.

Now, I won't wait for another Easter to grab this truth or wait till then to read the accounts on the night of passover, his death and resurrection. I will always celebrate the cross daily because that's a sure symbol of my faith in Christ.

(References: Colossians 2:13-15;Ephesians 2:13)

Friday, April 15, 2011

"What's it about me"

How will writing "about ‎​​‎​​me" (my autobiography)be complete if I cover up my flaws and weaknesses? It will never be a full story if I make the canvas look so clean and white yet the flip side is dark and crimson.
Oh grace has redeemed ‎​​me from all my flaws and weaknesses though once in a while,I fall short of the glory and my life feels like a ridicule to ‎​​me. People may not see those mistakes but my soul,spirit and body know how much I fall below the standards of righteousness.

Check this, in some years time,I will be spoken of as a go-getter, a risk-taker,a bold,courageous and pushful business mogul who's has righteous principles depicting the kingdom mentality but no one will ever say I was; "laid back,disobedient,jealous,judgmental, spiteful,selfish,stubborn, seldom lazy, proud, haughty, rebellious etc. All those will be pushed behind the scene because they don't make a great success story(and I agree they soil the scroll). I think that there's really nothing in my life worth hiding and if I need to tell people about them, I sure will. I also believe all my mistakes are essential for growth and -whether anyone disagrees with me- they are useful for my purpose in life. Everything that I have experienced in life- the good and bad- were destined to happen and God is in them all.

Please get ‎​​me right,I don't mean to celebrate my weaknesses here and make a mockery of the work Providence did, I wish to say that the story of my life will never be carved out on a canvas to look so superficial and perfect without encouraging all and sundry how I failed in Secondary school and Uni; how I refused to submit to constituted authority and how I back beat my friends,quarrelled with some and never ever agreed with certain many. How I broke laws, messed myself, and made jest of people or had a rough season with my father and made uncountable false starts before the light of his glory shone on my path and drowned all the gory issues of the past.
It won't make a good story till I tell the world about my past and how I was saved by grace- though its "past" and gone, there's a learning for people who think its a way that seems right and cool but leads to death. I will make them know that HE picked ‎​​me from a miry clay and made ‎​​me into vessel he can use.
And for keeps to His glory,the potter worked through ‎​​me once again.

In retrospect, no great warrior started off at the pinnacle, they were raised from the sheep pen, out of the dust and waste places, from the wilderness and prison yards. Some were found in unknown lands and others lifted out of the whore's womb. That part of their story we read in a hurry because it sounds "yuckish" and murky but we stump our feet in celebration when the clergy hypes their victory story.
Watch this,Providence carefully uses the foolish things born in a manger, born in obscurity and hidden in a nile born into the least tribes and conceived in an adulterous union but raised up to assume kingly positions. Yes,they made Headlines in their day .e.g."The prostitute now living among God's people";"the son of a Prostitute now a great warrior","Son of an adulterous relationship emerged ‎​‎​king"; an orphan gets the kings approval and becomes his queen" etc.
‎​​We read their raw,unedited and unmasked life as it was.

I also realise how much I love to identify with such people who started life like it would tear them to shreds yet they emerged like that dreamer who saw the sun,moon and 11 stars bow to him yet passed through the prison yard or is it he who lived in the fields tending sheep and smelling dung or the one who slept on classroom desks because he had no where to lay his head?
How will ‎​you speak of the world's richest men without mentioning their failures?

On my paternal grandpa's tomb is written; "Here lies a great man of achievement" while that statement sounds true, he went through very challenging faces of life. His greatest achievement for ‎​​me is hearing the Highest call and living for the ‎​king of glory,the immortal and invisible Lord of all the earth.

In my lifetime, just as my late Grandpa and other successful people, I want to be known as a woman who lived an excellent life glorifying my Creator while using every part of my life-including the good, bad and ugly- to encourage anyone who's gone through the bumps, curves, forks and thistles I have ever(and I ​​​am still going through he quarry) experienced.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A recap of my Birthday :-)

I ​​​am 30 how about that?
Feels like a childhood veil was ripped off my rather bold personality(I ​​​am big mind ‎​you) and a new cloak of the BIG ONE(30 years on earth) has been put over ‎​​me. I feel like I ​​​am in a new stage of very great responsibilities and a new level which will include; "wife-hood, motherhood, ministry-hood and entrepreneurship,etc. I believe its another level of deeper and newer dimensions with God,giving my tithe(myself included), time, etc to bless people and glorify God.
This is when I feel like a Josephine who may probably not rule over a nation but be put in charge of the Lord's business and being a faithful steward and custodian(God help ‎​​me here because I ​​​am lacking). I don't know so much of what He will have ‎​​me do but he sure will prepare and equip ‎​​me for days ahead. I ​​​am EMERGING gradually thanks to God.
I feel so honoured to be alive. For people who have a strange religious belief about birthdays, I beg to differ because the birth of Christ brought joy, hope, restoration and grace to Israel. And since I have the mind of Christ, he chose one day on the Calendar of man to bring ‎​​me to the earth. My birth was not a mistake,it brought joy and at thirty, instead of mourn I ​​​am being celebrated(not trying to boast in myself) by God and men. Check this out: if ‎​you think a day in anyone's life isn't worth celebrating, lie silent in the grave with cotton wools stuffed in every opening in your body and try to die...well I choose life as I ​​​am so glad to live because its not my time to live this side of life and the dead cannot praise the Lord(I live to praise the Lord). I ​​​am so glad to be alive at 30 and I look forward to another 30 years on earth doing God's will.

I wish I had a lot of money to throw a bash for just with few friends and family, but instead of moan over limited funds, I made the best of the day. I went to pick a small cake a dear friend made as my ‎​gift, then my bobo took ‎​​me to see a movie(I ​​​am not used to visiting cinemas), then sat around at a tush BUKKA(never mind it was not TFC or Chicken Republic) to eat hot Amala and soup, took a long stroll and then headed ‎​​‎​​home and made the day worthwhile. He made this birthday most exciting :) :) :))...yeah,‎​ℓ☺ℓ excited to know he's the "best half" for the future.
I won't forget my usual Birthday Eve trend: "Limited amount of sleep, staying up to dance,sing,pray and take calls(really didn't dance so much this ‎​γεαr)."
My phone buzzed from the day before to 2am or there about when I slept-not even sure what time I dozed off-and by 5 or so I was awake to see my battery almost flat with so many messages still reeling in. My facebook page and "inbox" were simply overwhelming. It may sound like a tradition to have birthday wishes but I ​​​am sure many people mean so well to stop by to drop a line. The best of it all is that MOST messages are prophetic confirmations of the things God has said in the past established for the future.
It was a fun day and I look forward to GREAT days ahead,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

God's love by Robert Lane

God's love for you never runs out or dries up. He doesn't love you on your good days and cease loving you on your bad days. He loved you even before you were born. "Everlasting love" not only refers to the length of time that God has loved you, but it refers to the quality of his love. There is nothing shallow to be found in God's everlasting love. It is out of the depths of his love that he drew your heart to his.

The MORNING DEW(Lengthy but read with caution)

I have been awake from about 3am,not for want of sleep neither is it a feeling of loneliness. I have found out that some faithful watch men may not give their eyes rest until their Jerusalem becomes a place of total rest in the earth and there I find myself (I don't mean to judge those who sleep through the night because God gives his beloved sweet sleep and I really love to sleep as well, LOL).

This morning, I ran a short study on Abraham and I realised that he was an imperfect man in many ways-who found grace in God and believed him by faith.

Do ‎​you know, Abraham agreed with Sarah to live a LIE because he feared he might be killed? He "selfishly" considered his life more than his "sister's". Sarah carried the identity of being his sister everywhere the soujourned, and hid from the natives of Egypt, Gerar etc that they were ‎​husband and wife. Abraham enjoyed novelty, gifts and comfort- was given a ‎​king's treatment- while his wife was captured for the ‎​king of the land. He forgot that God had promised to take him to his Promised land.

I learn some salient lessons: ‎​​Self is such a powerful and deathly element which can ruin a lifetime investment. Every time I act by a selfish nudge, I pay for the consequences. Self does not care who weeps, dies or mourns on account of its actions,self deprives innocent people of peace . Abraham pleased him-SELF and exposed his wife to sin.

Basically, I cannot HELP God by some nice looking assumptions and human reasoning. Each time Abraham gave his wife to the ‎​king's of the land, he exposed them to sin, incurred God's wrath and bringing pain upon the people. In Genesis 12,Abraham strayed to Egypt during a famine,and handed over his beautiful wife to the ‎​king who in turn fashioned him with spoils(cattle,servants,etc). In Genesis 20, God appeared to Abimelech, -RESTRAINED him from sleeping with Sarah- and instructed he returned her to her "husband cum brother".

Lesson two: The things I call "white lies" are simply lies which lead to death. No matter how safe a decision is, irrespective of how widely accepted a pop culture is, it is on the broad road many blindly follow on the way to hades. REFRAIN!
Why do I say this? Its our human frailty to look for the shortest and easiest routes not minding the dangers on the way,it will bring death. ‎​​

Factually, It was natural for Abraham to say they were siblings but God judged his motive-he feared men and sought their favour. God is SOVEREIGN, he can protect, he will provide all we require, he is able to secure and save so why would I lie (or fear) to go through a life controlled by Him?

Lesson three: (this one I took time to pray about) my actions could please ‎​​me and hurt another. Guess what? Abraham's lie caused God to close wombs. Women could not bear children and the Bible doesn't give records on how long Sarah was with Abimelech. One lie brought a siege upon the land. It took God to warn Abimelech to release the woman so his people could be free. Back in Egypt,a similar action also caused widespread diseases on the land because of Sarah. The ‎​king was very crossed when he found out the truth ordering his men to lead them out of the land.
How many people have I hurt because I uttered some careless speech?,how many are in pain because I sowed discord and strife? Who have I hurt by an innocent looking decision? Not until Sarah left Abimelech's house, they people remained in bondage.

One action, many "deaths".

God knew how much damage that had caused Gerar so he came to their rescue,asking Abimelech to covet a prophet's blessing. Abraham the prophet had to pray and invoke blessings upon the land so healing could flow. I sincerely pray for everyone who's been hurt by an action done in ignorance that they may experience healing and God's unmerited favour through Christ Jesus, amen.

I also question Sarah for accepting to her husband's act of foolishness. A wise woman builds her ‎​​‎​​home. I believe that in wisdom, she could have advised her husband not to expose her to sin- this kind of mistake caused Abraham to sleep with Hagar. One foolish decision can ruin a lifetime. Sometimes, ‎​​we lose good sense of judgment when we are in "love".
Experience has shown ‎​​me that in a relationship, the man and woman could see a black thing and call it white, one person could contract leprosy and the partner will romance it without detecting its a disease. To Sarah, their decision relished the moment. I have judged myself this morning especially when I agree to my husband to be's wrong decision and in prayer have I repented and asked the Lord to set our path straight again.

Lastly, God healed the land, restored their wombs and also redeemed Abraham and Sarah's reputation before the people. God also caused Abimelech to favour Abraham with land to make his abode.

In Genesis 20 verse 16, Abimelech said to Sarah,

" I gave your "brother" Abraham twenty-five pounds of silver to MAKE UP for any wrong that people may think about ‎​you. I want everyone to know ‎​you are innocent"

I know deep in my spirit that whoever reads this article will also find peace with God no matter the gravity of a situation. God is able to rebuild broken bridges, restore relationships, heal every sordid past(situation) and bring redemption wherever its needed. Ask Him for mercy and ask God for grace to DISCERN, to remain sensitive, and to be at peace with all men. Today is a NEW beginning and a new day. Jesus has made ‎​you whole amen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PSALM one-one- zero-three

How my soul rejoices in my maker and my heart makes known His mighty works.
The Lord who's done awesome things is due of my praise.
I celebrate His goodness and wonderful works in my life. I ​​​am glad that I'm the only ‎​​ME (Enobong Ekpott) anywhere in the earth and in this world,born and named thus on the day of the Lord.

To God a thousand days is like a day but He chose the 11th day of March in the number and Calendar of man to bring ‎​​me into this world.
Interestingly, there are no two ‎​​ME's because God in His awesome wisdom made my unique inner and outer parts to fit just ‎​​me.

Not that I mean to boast in who I ​​​am, for my boast is in the Lord who's wisdom and magnificence supersedes man's.
I ​​​​​​​​​am God's master piece, I ​​​am wonderfully crafted, formed in His image,chosen by Him, and brought into this world at just the right time.
I didn't come earlier neither I'm I late in time. He chose ‎​​me for this time to His glory. My birth just like others is one He celebrates with exceeding great joy.
I ​​​am an embodiment of God's great idea, I ​​​am not a mistake in creation,I ​​​am complete in Him. God formed ‎​​me and nodded in approval because He loved the work he did in(and on)‎​​me.

My mother bore ‎​​me for nine months, but before I was formed in her womb,God knew ‎​​me. He needed the succour and warmth of her womb to safely carry ‎​​‎​​me from day one till I was born.
As David would say,he made all the delicate parts and watched over my formation stages in the quietness of mama's womb.

He knew the day my Father and mother had "fellowship", God the omnipotent ordained daddy and mummy to make love so I'd emerge in nine months.
He knew my sex afore time,he chose ‎​​me to be a woman and to him,I ​​​am so beautifully made.
He gave ‎​​me distinctive and splendid features.
His workmanship is so flawless.

I ​​​am God's own, the apple of His eyes; ​​​his terrific design and His delight.
He guards jealously over ‎​​‎​​me,he looks out for ‎​​‎​​me,protects my members and sets his affection on ‎​​me.
I ​​​am seated in the hollow of his arms basking in His safety and love.
As I grow a notch older , I know God's plans for ‎​​me are good with a beautiful,well mapped out and glorious ending.
My future in Him is bright, sure and true; and my times are in His hands.
Unto Him be all the glory which is due to His name. Emmanuel!

Monday, February 28, 2011


"Take my life and let it be;
COSECRATED Lord to thee.
Take my moments and my days,
Let them flow in ceaseless praise"

Have ‎​you ever wondered if songs of praise and thanksgiving to God must always have; "Thank ‎​‎​you", "I praise ‎​‎​you"; "I'm grateful", "I love ‎​you Lord","I worship", adore" and many more eulogy? Most times certain "song writers and music leaders" insist on compartmentalising the songs ‎​​we sing to God as;"Praise and worship." Praise being the "dancable" one with all the "thanks", "Receive our praise" with people clapping, smiling and performing other loud gestures while worship is slow, abit sombre and "cryable" songs go up to God with squeezed faces, squinted eyes with the "worshippers" wearing a serious look and hands flung in the air a lot of times. While I DON'T in anyway mean to argue with their beliefs about "Praise and Worship", I personally believe there is more to music than all these terminology can DEEPLY define.

As the above hymn resonated in my spirit man, I could feel a strong acknowledgement for the awesome things God has done without having to say; "I appreciate ‎​you Lord". My mind strolled back to my childhood "orthodox" church where the Reverend would insist ‎​​we sing only one or two stanzas of a hymn, shaving off the remaining three or more stanzas/verses to save time so people could return ‎​​home after a LONG, monotonous service. I really can't recall if he used to pick out the most powerful and perhaps most meaning stanzas or he just handpicked any so ‎​​we could complete the routine on the "order of service". But as I've grown in wisdom and stature with God, I know the effect of every word in a hymn or song.

Paul reminds us in Ephesians 5vs19 to;
"sing Psalms and HYMNS and spiritual songs(no emphasis on slow and fast songs) among yourselves, making music(not even praise and worship mentioned here)to the Lord in your hearts."

Now whether the music ‎​​we make to God is jazzy, blue-ish,hip hop-pish, rock and rollish, ‎​​we are implored to sing unto Him acknowledging and showing sincere gratitude to Him for everything through Jesus Christ.

As I repeated this hymn(the hymn has no "thank ‎​you etc in it) though a song of dedication to God, I paused and told the Lord that I ​​​am actually showing Him respect(an act of worship), thanking Him and celebrating Him for being a CONSTANT custodian of my life. Alone in my self-contained room with no mum or dad to watch over ‎​​me or a sibling,friend or husband to rock ‎​and coax ‎​​me to sleep but assured that my Heavenly Father is always AVAILABLE I can't help but sing this Hymn to Him. No one knows what's going on in my space save Him and like David opined; "He is an EVER-present HELP in time of need".
He alone can take the reins of my fragmented heart and mould as one, he and ONLY he can put my life in shape. He alone can cleanse ‎​​‎​​me,placing ‎​​me on the path to a new walk with Him. It is ONLY the Lord who can FORGET my silly mistakes "unpardonable" by any man(not even ‎​​me) ,FORGIVE ‎​​and make ‎​​me whole again.

He is a God always ready to "remarry" ‎​​me His bride. He is a God who is(and has become) all things to ‎​​me at different times in my life- a Father, mother,friend,Husband,lover,confidant,Maker,creator,Sister, comforter and the list spills over.

So with this Hymn, I praise and show extreme honour to my GIVER of life for taking off every filthy garment and all the mess of yesterday,and clothing ‎​​me with a new cloak of righteousness. I ​​​​​​am eternally grateful to Him for letting ‎​​me into His kingdom, accepting to show mercy and grace where I need it most, lavishing ‎​​‎​​me with ceaseless love and granting ‎​​me a place next to Him in the High places.

I express sincere appreciation to God for getting involved in every detail of my once wretched life, for specifically opening my heart so he could come in-to-me and see(intimacy) the flaws,pains, un faithfulness and mistakes of my past, turning them into strength, and everything GOOD thing for His purpose in the Kingdom. Though I may not always sing a song to Him, my life and my story are witnesses to His unfailing love for Him- all of who I ​​​am PRAISES God, amen.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Womb-man


Who sells the "Kparaga"(hard drink) under the bridges? A woman!

Who runs the beer parlours and mans them(at least 60% of the time)? A woman?

Who services the men who drive thro Island, and those regular pick up joints? A woman

Who is used like a water cistern and dumped like whet tissue? The woman

Who plays the harlot and is stoned after each round? The woman

Who bears the brunt of domestic violence,sexual abuse and rape? The woman

Who is thrown out of the home at the death of a spouse and is subjected to despicable tradition? The woman

Who is made to cower under dark clothes and is not allowed to table an opinion? The woman

Who feels the guilt and covers up in shame? The woman

She is the WOMB-man,
Created from His rib.
And bearing the seed-"man-child"

She is an essential work of creation.

She is not a second class citizen nor a feminist;
She is who GOD formed her to be-

A companion, a thinker and a HELP suitable for the man.
She is not a loose piece of cloth,
But an embodiment of knowledge.

She is a valuable piece of fine stone,
Carved out to shine through a man.
She is an honourable woman;
Who fears the Lord.

She is a praying woman
Who stands on the watch towers to intercede for her ‎​​home.

She perhaps has flaws
Though repairable she is,
But is a joy to many generations;
Her works will be spoken of to many generations.

She is a virtuous woman
And she can be found.

She is not a heap of rubble (though may ooze with stinking weaknesses)
Within her lies springs of living water to wash her clean.

Treat her as gold, and she will sparkle;
Pamper her and her fragrance will change.
Show her extravagant love and her face will beam with smiles.
Soothe her with patience and the best of her will be revealed.
Treated her as weaker vessel
Because the Lord made her so.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


On the cool Sunday afternoon, I played some songs from Don Moen's collections and when I got to a particular song titled BREAKTHROUGH, in the Album “Hiding Place”, I paused and listened intently to every expression amidst tears till I was LIFTED .Then I borrowed certain words to express how I felt before the LORD- though broke with a lot of bills to settle, with some plans seeming so bleak and awaiting response- and in that state I wrote the words below to encourage a reader,perhaps to emphasise that God, our Father in the midst of us is mighty and all our challenges is still in line with His eternal purpose for our lives. I implore that you praise Him CONSTANTLY:

Breakthrough when life doesn’t make sense,
Breakthrough Lord, when the WORD is mere black and white and nothing more.
Breakthrough the status quo and every limitations;
Breakthrough our past failures and people’s opinion confining us.

Breakthrough when the songs do not sound like praise but a dirge.

Breakthrough Lord, when we wonder where the next meal will come from, when the bills will be paid and the debts appear as mountains;
Breakthrough the evil medical cum bad reports, dead situations until we see life spring forth
Break through hopelessness.

Breakthrough our unbelief and myopia
Breakthrough our shame and our frailties Lord;
till our humanity receive divinity, Father do not let us stay here,
Call us hither till we see your face.

Father breakthrough our hardened hearts and wipe the tears
Breakthrough barrenness and delays till we sing your songs in a strange land,
Until we see you face to face.

Breakthrough till we see the brightness of the morning
Until Jesus is revealed and our faith is unshaken and FOUND in you,
{And in the words of a friend}: till we sing our songs arrayed in royal cloaks and wear our crowns in strange lands, Lord Breakthrough;
BREAKTHROUGH till all we SING IS YOU amen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My sincerest Love letter to God(with emergency response)

I woke up on February 14 with a genuine desire to get ‎​married with absolutely little or no feelings for Valentine. Though every red paintings, decorations and the day's activity blazed into my eyes, my innermost NEED is to have and to hold for better for poorer, in sickness and health till forever amen.
Customarily, I send several text messages to the man who's thrown me off my donkey and made this time in my life really meaningful. Its so sweet to love,the mystery of love(not fantasies or lust) lies with God who understands when a man loves a woman. I have never felt this loved and so taken off guard,I have had relationships in the past which I was partially committed to. My dear friends way back in University told me I was as hard as "rocks"(un emotional and in charge). All that was a farce or a mirage of the real me.

From the beginning of this month,I have been on a love spree not minding if its called the love month though I wanted my man to realize how red my heart is and to shock myself how much I can walk a thousand miles for a man who doesn't always love but also annoys me to the point where I refuse his calls(all nah yanga,"gra-gra" posing for attention). As a matter of fact, I choke the life out of him(so he says) and that makes him feel so accepted and so wanted. Yeah, that's no" cheapening"(making me lose my worth) myself but makes love a two way thing as Christ is to the church. He loves me more I think but he says I love him more than he does...whatever ‎​​‎​​we just love!

But somewhere in the day while reading a certain mind blowing book, I stumbled on a part that addressed making life decisions(including marriage), my heart skipped and fear came knocking. I took time to meditate on the reasons I love this particular man not another?
Yeah, I ‎​​​am a full grown woman,very ripe to have a ‎​​home yet crippled by fear. I hear or read people's experiences and wonder at love?I used to think I'm a love maestro until I realised how stiff I ‎​​​am with a man. I do not let my guards down so easily, I ‎​​​am so aware of my environment meaning I could jump in and jump out without a crease on my heart(all lies because I hurt).
So, I scribbled a love note to God the way I could express myself-with sobriety and pain that at some point I knelt down, I stretched out on the floor, I paced the room and I hardly remembered food.

I wrote some letters in three different ways: first repenting for all my past, second(the ONLY one I'd share here) listing some fears I've had and third was some deep self discovery.

Lo! the letter to God:

"Lord, its not time to beat myself for running into love and I'm sure its not a mistake I chose to love a man. You encouraged me to look on the brighter side of my past experiences. Though I've goofed a lot of times, made choices with my head and run ahead of you several times, I'm clean now and following you the best I can.
I've sat on a horse weigh too long taking all the time in my world to alight. I've dictated to you and refused to be "tweakable" to the demands of love. I'm too proud to beg and extremely set in my ways to let a man ruffle shoulders with me. I've carried mama's attitude not to allow a man mess with me neither ‎​​​am I supposed to love him more or quickly reveal the love I have for him. I have believed the old wives myths of not allowing a man access me till he's spent, covertly accepted worldly standards of love-to say "No" even if it should be a "Yes" until he's licked the soles of my feet trekked through deserts,sweated up and down Mount Everest as a prove of his undying love. I have secretly endorsed lying philosophies about men and agreed with some feminist moves about the L.O.V.E(some say single women should not be too available to a a man,while loving less). All of these are detrimental to the God kind of love ‎​you so desire I imbibe and embrace and these lies contribute to my staying on the same mountain all ‎​γεαr round. I have a misconstrued ideology of not letting a man know I love him because of someone's exaggerated analysis on men,even swallowed "panadol" for another babe's heartache, worn my neighbour's over sized jacket about men taking advantage of women therefore permitting all the negative experiences of marriage and divorce permeate my soul.
So Father I ‎​​​am here, an amateur lover who has the poetic skills and rhymes but so new to love. I confess I neither know how to or keep love. I have the words but lack the oil to lubricate the engine when in crisis. I ‎​​​am like a snail when there's a misunderstanding, my shell is safe to stay alone throwing tantrums and acting like a baby. I have a masters in frowning and a PH.d for mood swing when there are scores to settle....
Father, I won't stay this way with a long list of who I ‎​​​am not supposed to be again. That was my sordid past and this is a new day for me to be a new creation. I ‎​​​am before you weeping till I'm changed. I want to love so true and love the way you directed us to. I ‎​​​am like a dissected animal open to learning. I need YOU then I can love my man.
I drop all false pattern of marriage picked from ‎​​home, friends and neighbours. I lay aside selfish attitudes, the ME and only me nature, the subtle opinionated,domineering and wanting to stay in charge syndrome.
Take away independence, impatience, sarcasm, coldness and stubbornness. Don't allow that in ten years time,I'm bored stiff with marriage and regrets of settling for this man. Today(my deliverance has come), I shall love genuinely and wholly without prejudice or greed. I shall have the ONLY true pattern of love found in Christ and not man's experience.
Make every moment exciting for me to stay ‎​married. Let me enjoy marriage no matter the bumps, thorns and poodles ‎​​we encounter. As ‎​​we get to a fork or detour, help us to stop, ponder and wait for you to lead and guide us with your eyes. Let us trust each other for life knowing ‎​​we are but frail and fallible.
Make me handy, homely and virtuous that he will long to run ‎​​home to me forever more amen. "

As theoretical as my prayers sound, its the reality of who I have been all these while and today, I have found SALVATION and I'm now so ready to take the baton as a wife to the man who's made me love like the newest mad woman in town. The goodnews: I will marry Him!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Trip to the marketplace!

Today I went by the market to fix my pair of "good" shoes(I call it good cos I bought it with money I could have used for better things) and as I sat at the cobblers shop, I took time to study the marketplace. These men and women are everyday people like you and ‎​me,who wake up daily with some element of optimism and persistence to life. They have hope in the day's business,plan on how to close deals,make profit and will not quit because of yesterday's loss or recession. They are "go-getters", resilient, resolute,rugged and thick skinned able to accommodate blows and punches(such an uncanny ability I covet).

I watched the cobblers hang out their shoes and set up their office, shop owners putting out clothes,wares and tidying their shops, a printer cleaning up his tools to start screen printing etc. I watched them like the famous story of a man led to the Potter's shop and learned a salient lesson. These sellers believe and have hope. They do not choose the easy,comfortable side of life, they are fighters, they persevere and keep keeping on. They prefer to sit infront of their stalls probably chattering away and calling out to buyers,expecting just one customer rather than retreat at ‎​​home musing over life. They won't give up because yesterday's sells were slow or business has been terrible, they keep trying determined today would be better than yesterday.

The cobblers were so busy cutting designs, carving skin and sewing shoes. They do not look sombre. They go about the day's work with diligence and so much zeal.

The lesson learnt is: DON'T GIVE UP, as simple as these sentence is, its powerful! Stay in the battle and fight in good faith with unimaginable joy. In my case, I'd say to all and sundry, pray without giving up, hold the anchor like its the last thread of hope and be joyful even though the fig tree has not blossomed. Yes, I can attest to the fact that life can throw you off the boat to a wreck but I implore ‎​​we GRAB the anchor though the waters surge and the winds rage almost swallowing you up, HOLD on tightly till the waters cede and calmness of the eventide set in.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A weary soul

Lord "Shepherd" me lovingly
And Father me in your mercy.
Give me not to Pharisees lest they throw me in the dust
smashing me with stones of condemnation.
Though you grieve at my disobedience,
Forgive me like only you can-surely only you can L♥√ع me.
Take away the idols i bow to;
Control my yearning for them and keep my body, soul,
spirit and mind to honour you.

Lord hold me in your arms;
Let me feel safe in your steadfast love.
Uncover my sins and cleanse me with blood.
Wash me O God from intentional mistakes and approve me.
Remind me of your loving kindness and caress me till
I'm filled with your love.
Take away the guilt and shame lest the drown my faith and grace,
Show me favour and unlock my Heavens for abundant blessings this season.

Lord help me to see you and only you.
Deliver me from the voice of strangers and the sneer of men'
Keep me safe from evil guiding my steps in your will.
Do not give me up to my stubborn ways but rock me while I wait for you.
Sing me a love song till I'm resting peacefully as a baby.
Lovingly take my hands off the oxen while I let you tread the corn.
Enable me to offload all the burdens and worries plaguing my heart and
Help me to depend wholly as I find rest in you.