Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Chapter was awesomely challenging

Yes this chapter was awesome cos I have learned to THANK God for the good and bad. I am also learning to trust him through the oppressing moments even the dry seasons and trust me, I have enjoyed A bunch of good times and really windy rainy seasons.
But I realized no one stays on one book forever, a book always has an end and even the most sluggish reader gulps it in no time. I am one of them- well i read at my pace depending on the storyline.

I am just elated going to a new experience orchestrated by God. I have worked in a particular organization for ten months and its been an interesting page of life. Its been an eye opening stage of life, i have worked as an apprentice, like a non profit organization willing to serve without gain but for an experience. I was ninety percent loyal and yes ninety cos I have had proficiency/office flaws, done my deals during office time, been late to work, pilfered to pay my way home though i always paid all monies back( and i have promised never to steal office money monies cos i maintain a clear conscience before GOD), told a few "exaggerated" lies and all what not. But i have paid my dues and I stand boldly to say i have been faithful to the organization.
Trust me, it is TIME to draw these curtains and walk off the stage while proceeding to another level in life. Bible says the footsteps of the righteous are ORDERED of the Lord and he is interested in every detail of our lives. I am one of them. I have had it rough and tough, and I have had it sweet as well. I have been humble, stubborn and humiliated. I have had days I never want to roll out of bed or wanted Sunday to pass....It's been a worthwhile experience and I pray I turn out an easy to work with CEO.

I pray to be like Joseph who despite all the unfair treatments from his brethren and Mrs.Potiphar, did not carry out any vengeance but rewarded them with good. It's for posterity I am learning the hard way- Imagine going to work and feeling less than confident because someone uses his/her mouth to run you down or make you feel you done a favor.
I also pray to be a good and an exemplary boss people will love to work with amen. I know it is working for my good amen.