Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Everyday I wake up wondering how man exists without God.
I mean a close knitted intimate and romantic, loving God?
I imagine how I’d walk thro the lane of a lonely life without Him?
He is my rising up, my breath, my prayer and my song.
He is my teeth when I brush at dawn, my clothes, my food and my water.
He is my Life, my Lord, my Savior and my doctrine.
He is my inspiration, my gist partner, my workbook, my opinion and my final WORD.

I call Him my kinsman redeemer, my overall “Husby”- the Husband of the wonderfully adorned bride- The Church-
On my office desk He’s my companion, my hands and my feet, my ears and mouth;
He’s all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding for the day’s task,
And only He can take my “shit”.
What a GOD! So adorable that only few words of mine can express His person.
I call Him my righteousness and my peace in a world of turbulence and incessant sorrow.
He is the sun in my horizon,
He’s the star that leads and guides me through the dark night.
He is in me as I am in Him.
He is my Glory, my rest and the lifter of my head.
I go to sleep knowing He’s my bed, my pillow, my blanket, my Watchman and my All.
What a God and a Lover he is to me.


...It was you!
You came along and I clearly heard its you forever.
My head said NO but my heart could not resist a YES!
The Almighty says we're meant to be,and I'm accepting you-by the minute.

We're sync-ing this love together.
At a another Glance,
I know it's you
no one else
But you and always YOU.
I love you My Pearl!