Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PSALM one-one- zero-three

How my soul rejoices in my maker and my heart makes known His mighty works.
The Lord who's done awesome things is due of my praise.
I celebrate His goodness and wonderful works in my life. I ​​​am glad that I'm the only ‎​​ME (Enobong Ekpott) anywhere in the earth and in this world,born and named thus on the day of the Lord.

To God a thousand days is like a day but He chose the 11th day of March in the number and Calendar of man to bring ‎​​me into this world.
Interestingly, there are no two ‎​​ME's because God in His awesome wisdom made my unique inner and outer parts to fit just ‎​​me.

Not that I mean to boast in who I ​​​am, for my boast is in the Lord who's wisdom and magnificence supersedes man's.
I ​​​​​​​​​am God's master piece, I ​​​am wonderfully crafted, formed in His image,chosen by Him, and brought into this world at just the right time.
I didn't come earlier neither I'm I late in time. He chose ‎​​me for this time to His glory. My birth just like others is one He celebrates with exceeding great joy.
I ​​​am an embodiment of God's great idea, I ​​​am not a mistake in creation,I ​​​am complete in Him. God formed ‎​​me and nodded in approval because He loved the work he did in(and on)‎​​me.

My mother bore ‎​​me for nine months, but before I was formed in her womb,God knew ‎​​me. He needed the succour and warmth of her womb to safely carry ‎​​‎​​me from day one till I was born.
As David would say,he made all the delicate parts and watched over my formation stages in the quietness of mama's womb.

He knew the day my Father and mother had "fellowship", God the omnipotent ordained daddy and mummy to make love so I'd emerge in nine months.
He knew my sex afore time,he chose ‎​​me to be a woman and to him,I ​​​am so beautifully made.
He gave ‎​​me distinctive and splendid features.
His workmanship is so flawless.

I ​​​am God's own, the apple of His eyes; ​​​his terrific design and His delight.
He guards jealously over ‎​​‎​​me,he looks out for ‎​​‎​​me,protects my members and sets his affection on ‎​​me.
I ​​​am seated in the hollow of his arms basking in His safety and love.
As I grow a notch older , I know God's plans for ‎​​me are good with a beautiful,well mapped out and glorious ending.
My future in Him is bright, sure and true; and my times are in His hands.
Unto Him be all the glory which is due to His name. Emmanuel!