Friday, August 20, 2010


...The one who hurt me a fortnight ago,
And to forgive the old coot that striped my heart bare leaving me in the pond of shame.
Teach me to bury the age old hatchet against my flesh and blood and
And to not hold unto the ideologies I grew up with.
Help me to hug my papa, mama and oldies and truly mean the warmth
Take away the curse lining my lips and wipe the abuses on the tip of my tongue
Just waiting to fall on my old lovers.

Help me,
To lay aside the sardonic smiles I received from childhood; to forget the spanks, smacks-
And all the missiles released on our generation.
Teach me how to love even when I hear sarcastic and spiteful words.
Help me build the walls of real care and deep concern.
Clean up my murky well, for in there exist bitterness, strife and past wounds.
Tidy me up and adorn me with a new heart for a Judas, a Thomas and a Saul
Make me a heart of a Savior and Lord.
Make me the Lover, to extend the fellowship of selfless, heartfelt romantic service to men and brethren; to truly look out for the hurting, to ease burdened hearts, without condemning them.
Give me grace to love my brethren, buddies and oldies always bearing it in mind;
“Offenses" shall surely come, man is fallible hence expect his imperfections and disappointments,
but to hope only in the Infallible- Providence”

AM at peace

Huh people,good morning and how did the night go?
Am so sure you took heed to my words yesterday?My brother still reminded me this morning that to sleep and wake up is GRACE and to have food on your table is GRACE!God gives his beloved sleep,so be GRATEFUL.

Last night was so emotional and perhaps "mushy" but "we" (not my brother but my bro,LOL)had to obey God and the church leaders....You know when "orders" are given on a matter and you feel they are hard?That is exactly my take on this matter.But we agreed to follow peace with all men, we accepted to play to the sound of their music and allow GOD fight for us.
Yesterday,we laid down "our Isaac" and resolved to WAIT till GOD gives him back to us alive.It is easy to make all these quotes but the processes seem long and painful.It's a TIME to sow in tears and if i may add, last week GOD actually told me audibly;
In my interpretation, i thought to work out the timing till its beautiful to my eyes.But the ways of God are past finding out,his ways are certainly not our ways and I acknowledge God in this matter knowing fully well that He will make a way in the wilderness.

Lessons learned: Follow Gods timing on every matter
Trust GOD wholly and allow him do the fighting
WAIT,REST and BE STILL...He knows the end from the beginning and he will bring a perfect,victorious end.

God delights in total submission. Imagine a heady,shrew wife who constantly flouts her husbands orders?God took me through Colossians 3 v 18;"You wives MUST submit to your husbands as is fitting for those who belong to the LORD". I wondered why God took me to that part of the scripture when I'm partially single("partially cos am on a marriage journey now, smiles)and not yet a wife, though am one in the making, still undergoing the dating to courtship game. Anyway, i imagined God as my husband(for now,HE is), who requires my submission to his will and obedience.

You know we like to add to God's mandates so we echo "permissive will and partial obedience". In my opinion, there is no permissive will and partial obedience.Its either we do His will or refuse to do his will; and its either obedience or disobedience. Therefore, most times, we seek HIS will concerning a matter, and when that will is not pleasing to our senses,we come up with excuses and try to force God to play along with our fleshy, myopic desires.We then feel God permits us to do as we think hence PERMISSIVE will. In my case i have heard God say; "Leave this place of "worship" and i wanted every reason in my "dumb" head to stay there.I gave God every reason why he should accept my timing and understand my reason to stay on....Permissive will,we call it. It's either GOD's will or our selfish disobedient mind which God lovingly excuses till we accept HIS WILL...its always PERFECT, without a guile or stain!

So from Colossians 3, i am learning to SUBMIT to His will as it's fitting to the Lord.I imagine that it will prepare me to take my boo and husband to be's orders.I also know that obeying completely puts the devil in his bottomless pit cos he has no strings to hold on to.It makes GOD glad that we do as he says.

Let me quickly add: God does not force a thing on anyone. We are entitled to our choices but there is just GOD's will and no permissive and perfect will we sometimes preach as a doctrine. Man has his will, God has HIS and his own is complete and final(there is no shadow of turning nor divisions)...

It's almost day time, so let's get to the table and gulp some food,I am not fasting today and my appetite is healthy after "shitting" toxins and all...LOL!
(At the breakfast table)...Let's ask the LORD to help us go beyond this present realm till we are seated with Him in Heavenly places, till we are in HIS WILL, till we see Him face to face.
I am counting this pain as temporary for it produces a far greater glory.I am not just speaking from Head knowledge but from the bowels of living waters steaming,brewing within me.God is using this issues to process HIS will, he is preparing me for a permanent glory and I am sure I will come out as gold. Then I will boldly say; "The Lord has done GREAT things, bless His holy name". Out of my once murky wells will flow clean waters, God will make rivers of living waters stream forth amen.

*Watch this space because this piece serves as a reminder....

Let us receive our meal with THANKSGIVING;

"O Lord you are our God, forever and ever Oh Lord your word is settled in Heaven.You remain God who knows all things and we are grateful for the peace in our hearts.We know that ALL things work together for the good of those who LOVE you and are the CALLED according to your will.Have mercy on us when we disobey you and twist your will.Thank you for receiving us in LOVE and showing us the way to your GLORY.Thank you LORD.....(All say, AMEN!).

Please feel free to eat LAVISHLY, there is so much to eat and drink,you're free to serve yourself!!!