Monday, August 15, 2011

...On Victory side

Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who encouraged ‎​​me on my last post and thanks to a blogger/friend who's telephone call refreshed my heart a week ago.

For years now,I keep a journal where I scribble everything - my thoughts,personal experiences, nuggets from books/blogs/devotions and words spoken by people. Some of the things in my journal are written in my native language- Ibibio- for ‎​​"me,myself and I"‎​ to read ℓ☺ℓ.
Through the previous week, I penned down every obstacle I encountered and the encouragement I received. On Tuesday the 9th I wrote;

"Just when I thought I was crossing the last hurdle, another is set before ‎​​me. Every hurdle I encounter takes ‎​​me a notch higher. Though victory is sure, I learn (to grow)on the tracks."

I'm on a race peering at the finish line -at least for all the present challenges. I don't want to feel like a woman overly challenged by situations or constantly moaning over problems but one who faces them with a winning attitude. I'm learning to rejoice in God for the marvellous things he's done while fighting every set back like depression, self pity,anxiety,fear and the like because I'm really bent on finishing strong. For ‎​​me finishing strong requires running a race and running this race entails crossing several hurdles to emerge a winner.

No athlete in history has broken a world record sitting on the start up line? None! Usain Bolt's performance in the last Olympics amazed so many because he broke records and won several titles. He didn't come to the track to practise or lose,but win.

I read/watched an inspiring story of one of America's Olympic Champions "Gail Devers" who was diagnosed with "Graves disease" in 1990. She recovered and returned to the tracks and in 1991, Gail won a silver medal in 100m hurdles. I guess in the same ‎​year,in another competition,she stumbled on a hurdle and fell into the fifth position. In 1992/1995,she retained her goal title. At the age of 40, Devers edged 2004 Olympic champion Joanna Hayes to win the 60 m hurdles event at the Millrose Games in 7.86 seconds - the best time in the world that season and just 0.12 off the record she set in 2003. Through her career, she's won about 14 gold medals, and 4 silver medals. Awesome!

I can only imagine how these athletes battle injuries, diseases, disqualification/loss yet are determined to win the next competition and refuse to give up. So why should I fall out of the race of life?

I'm not a skilled athlete but I'm conscripted by the Lord to run the FAITH race and finish it gallantly.
I've asked myself severally if there could be a moment/time without challenges? As I hop over one hurdle another springs up. But how will I win if I don't scale over...? Sometimes I cross over with ease but many times I miss the mark. Yesterday, I failed so greatly,I hit the hurdle and fell in pain, regret, guilt, shame, etc leaving ‎​​me bruised. But today,I'm up with vigour and strength anticipating victory.

As Paul the Apostle said, "just as an athlete either follows the rules or is disqualified and wins no prize...", I ​​​ENOBONG is in this race to win. Like Paul,I want to say;
"I have fought the good fight,finished the RACE and remained FAITHFUL and now the PRIZE AWAITS ‎​​ME."

The truth is, VICTORY is sure, Christ guaranteed it eon years ago. I'm convinced that the race may not be to the swift neither will it be easy but its for the brave and courageous. I will keep running this race till I'm welcomed ‎​​home.



Oh.. I love it whenever I read things like this. I liked it when you said, "I'm not a skilled athlete but I'm conscripted by the Lord to run the FAITH race and finish it gallantly."

Yes o... it's a race set before us and we must finish it if we'd be on the records list of winners. With God on our side, yes, we can. God will continue to give you the grace and strength to bounce back from every challenges of your life such that you will never be tired of running the race set before you in Jesus' name.

I wrote a post one time that'd bless you - SETTING THE STAGE FOR YOUR COMEBACK -

Be blessed Sis.


N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I really love the strength in your message.
You are a real fighter.
With your conviction and faith in God, nothing go stop you.

Have a blessed, peaceful and fruitful week


deolascope said...

Truly inspiring, Just what i needed today... We need to keep pressing on no matter the obstacles life throws at us. God bless you for this post.

9jaFOODie said...

Good one!! very excellent outlook, there is still assurance as long as you never ever give up. Keep pushing my dear.

P.E.T. Projects said...

You captured life in its real state. I remember discussing with LDP that life can be likened to a race, we may stumble and even fall but the determination to pick ourselves up and get back on track is what will decide if we will only survive or go on to succeed!

Triumphant said...

Romans 5:1-5

1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have[a] peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

2 through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

3 And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;

4 and perseverance, character; and character, hope.

5 Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

@ilola said...

This is so motivational. We have to keep moving on, no matter how many times we fail.
As for me, in this journey, life cannot get me down. I will like you to read this post of mine. It might help

os said...


Truly inspiring.

stelzz said...

you're definitely on Victory's side..Don't let go, hang in there. I'm reminded of this song as I read your post:
"I almost let go,
I felt like I just couldn't take life anymore
My problems held me bound
Depression weighed me down
But God held me close, so I wouldn't let go
God's mercy kept me, so I wouldn't let go...."

God's mercy is definitely available for you and will see you through

Gospel Girl said...

I love your fighting spirit, keep fighting sis, you have already WON! God bless. Just said a prayer for you. x said...

Thanks for this post. So, so encouraging. I know how it feels when it seems that its one challenge after another. But its not over till we win. And win we shall.

Myne Whitman said...

After reading LDP and now this, I'm so motivated. Thanks for sharing dear, and know you're not alone. I pray that your obstacles will become like stepping stones before you. Amen.

enybees-hub said...

@ LDP Bro that post on your blog was wow,I stole it and even sent to a brother to read. He took some lines as his status on fb :). God bless ‎​you.

@NIL, hmm my dear ma'​​​am, life even teaches us to fight but I thank God for winning our battles effortlessly. Amen to your prayer

@Deolascope, welcome to my blog, thank ‎​you :)it and even sent to a brother to read. He took some lines as his status on fb :). God bless ‎​you.

@NIL, hmm my dear ma'​​​am, life even teaches us to fight but I thank God for winning our battles effortlessly. Amen to your prayer

@Deolascope, welcome to my blog, thank ‎​you :)

enybees-hub said...

@ M.A.C (9jafoodie) thank ‎​you! Can't just give up now,too far from start up line,no never oh,‎​ℓ☺ℓ ‎​[τ̲̅н̲̅a̲̅nκ̲̅ ч̲̅o̲̅u̲̅]

@ P.E.T. You're so right,will embrace your words and put it on my journal too :D. Thanks

@Triumphant, will take time to digest that scripture God bless u indeed amen. How r u now?

enybees-hub said...

@tiiola I read your blog,I really believe that we write best from experience and truly I've felt in control a lot,now I'm tired of helping myself,my help is vain. Thanks for reading mine.

@OS thank ‎​you ma'​​​am

@Stelzz, oh that song is a great one. God bless u

enybees-hub said...

@ GG thank ‎​you so much,I believe God has heard...

@ LLL Thanks for stopping by

@ Myne THANK ‎​YOU ma,LDP is a great guy,I'm so happy connecting with him. Thanks for reading mine

MsJB said...

This was so inspiring to read. Yes positive energy will only bring more positive energy which usually results in victory. You're definitely on the right track. No need for encouragements and stuffs, rather we should be trying to learn from you.
It's my first time on your blog and I must say I'm really touched.
Now ffg! Here's mine

Rhapsody B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
enybees-hub said...

Thank ‎​you MsJB thouugh I can't follow yours yet, will keep trying. Thank ‎​you dear :D

Rhapsody B. said...

Life is a constant lesson, everyday something new evolves, our eyes are opened in a new way or lessons forgottern are relearnt. How well we learn is dependent upon how deligent and attentive we are to those lessons that come, however they come and how thorough we are about implementing them into our lives.

Though eliquently spoken/written about faith which we need like sustinance I dare say, it is not a race (when i think of term race i think of losing and winning and being defeated, it brings a visual of the negative)but a credo, a way of living, being, thinking, acting, loving, working, interacting. In short it is a way of life, a philosophy.

nicely written/expressed.

Muse Origins said...

This is so inspirational! Thanks for sharing this. We'll finish the race in victory by God's grace!

Muse Origins Features
Muse Origins

enybees-hub said...

@ Rhapsody, thanks for your contribution,I agree we aren't in a literal race to lose but always WIN. Thank ‎​you sista :)

@Muse YES we are in the race to finish STRONG....

Ginger said...

Your positivity inspires. May God give you the grace to run the race as fast as a cheetah and as graceful as a gazelle. No giving up. No never.

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