Thursday, August 4, 2011

I will emerge stronger and better!

Hey people,
How has August been so far? Let ‎​​me start by saying Happy Birthday to a blogger who blesses my heart a lot: JAYCEE, may God's word be a light unto your path and a lamp for your feet to stride daily,amen.

Blogging from my phone "no bi beans" o(isn't so easy),scrolling from one end of a blog post to the other at a time can be tedious for my eyes,even going from one blog to another is something I don't really fancy on my phone because I can't get a full view of the blogs I follow.
So I've really not been able to follow/read most blogs or make comments on some like Le Dynamique Professeur, The Relentless Builder et al- perhaps their settings don't permit comments from phones save PCs. Its easier to open many windows on a PC so one can easily read one after the other.
Then yours truly,"internet providers" in our dear country Nigeria can sometimes be phony. Well...what can I do for now? Now I can appreciate the inventions of laptops,PCs,IPADs etc. Pls bear with ‎​​me if I've not made comments on your blogs lately,will soon get a modem for my laptop ;-)

Its been very chilly these days,nice weather though and VERY challenging I wish I can write everything I've been going through on my blog. I actually wrote a short prayer to God on Monday which I REALLY wanted to share here perhaps it would lift another soul passing through really trying times like ‎​​me. But then,I remember prayers are made to God not to man eventhough we pray-corporate prayers- aloud in church gatherings and men affirm with the AMEN to say "let it be or so be it". For now, I don't have a nudge to share the teary-eyed prayer(well not yet) till God permits....

Last night,I drew a firm conclusion that "tough times don't last as tough people do and I'm not giving up,no Never". Though I fall,I will rise riding on eagles wings. I shall not see shame because I wait on my Father so will I trust in Him alone. I ​​​am assured that the Lord is on my side 'cos I'm the apple of His eyes hence my pain is His pain. Though I'm crushed,weighed down and troubled,I will look to the rock from whence I was hewn.

To be very sincere,I have questioned God enough today but He remains ALL-knowing even when I don't have all the answers to my challenges. One thing is certain; "God will remain true even when men become liars-so says the word."

Friends,these are NOT cliche and Christianese-in fact I've realised that I find it so hard to share clichés when I'm in pain- but this is the SUREST WORD,the very truth of our existence, an ASSURANCE and an essential progression through life- THE WORD(JESUS). I just remembered that as pilgrims on this side of life,trials MUST come but in them we must be of good cheer for God has given us victory on all sides.

So may challenges draw us closer to the Father,may we hunger for God over the material benefits we always ask and command Him for,may God become the truest friend and lover we've ever sought to have, may trials groom,prune and prepare us for days ahead AMEN.

Please read Psalm 25 today. That was yesterday's WORD for ‎​​me.

P/S: LDP, I read your note on facebook and it addressed my situation and encouraged ‎​​me as well. I will peruse that note again right away. May the word of your mouth and meditations of your heart be acceptable to God,amen. Thumbs up guy ;)


stelzz said...

It is well with you. God will definitely see you through. I've been in situations where i've also cried and questioned but today I can look back and count how God has been faithful and true to His words. You'll definitely look back and smile too..

enybees-hub said...

Thank ‎​you Stelzz, thank ‎​you very much ;). I really appreciate yours

@ilola said...

I don't do phone blogging, cos I don't like it. Thanks for reading my blog posts and commenting, even through all the difficulties. Gracias
I thank God for keeping you through ups and downs. Truth is that he will never let go of you said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The title of your post really touched my heart this morning. I ask God questions all the time, sometimes I wonder if He ever gets! I'm learning to realise that the same God who's had my back all my life will continue to have it and life is all about tests, trust and testimonies. Amen. Thanks for sharing.

9jaFOODie said...

It is well with you, I love your spirit and I hope you keep it up "tough times don't last as tough people do" really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing.

os said...

Amen. You will surely emerge stronger and better in Jesus name. Thanks for the write-up.

Yankeenaijababe said...

hang in tight, the lord is your strength, nice blog you got here, just followed and added to my blog read, stay blessed always

Dee! said...

It is well...That is one of my most used phrase!
God is ALWAYS there for His Children. he will never leave His Children. He will never forsake His Children.

Have a blessed weekend!

Rita said... is well...

Amen to your prayers

Jaycee said...

Challenges definitely draw us closer to God. Thank you so much for the birthday messages, Eny. You've been such a great blessing to me, and the God who sees every word you've sown into my life will reward you. May you always remember that in CHRIST, you will ALWAYS have victory.

Anonymous said...

just check the foot print on the ground; it's only one set and not 2! WHICH MEANS HE IS CARRYING relax on this bosom and enjoy the walk...HE IS YOUR STRENGTH.

phone blogging?...i wonder how one can manage on such a small screen.. take care

Rhapsody B. said...

Giving up is not an option sistah because to do so is to give up on self.

I wrote a prayer, its on my blog called Heavenly Divine. You will find it in my BLOG LIBRARY under PRAYER, stop by when you have the time and let me know what you think.

Peace and blessings.....
Keep your head up and your spirit soaring.


enybees-hub said...

@Ibhade yes o to phone blogging,at least for now i do more on phone :D

THANK YOU EVERYONE, i appreciate your kind words :)



I sincerely do not know what to do about this issue of my blog not accessible on phone. Funny enough, I read it well and reply to comments from my own phone. However, I must admit, I only get to see the mobile version of it when I open it. Will see what else I can do about this. Thanks for pointing that out.

God will see you through Eny. You know the good thing about passing through tough times; it is the fact that it is only a season and gives us good tales to tell if we make it through. So, don't give up on your stride... Keep on keeping on.

Thanks for the mention. Very happy the post blessed you. Sorry I am just reading this. Was away for days...

God bless you, Sis.


In the midst of her said...

Hi Eny!
Hmm...sistah girl I have been where you are and asked the same questions. Wether we see meaning to it now or not, rest assured that his eye is upon the sparrow. Keep your head up!

I appreciate you stopping at my blog and becoming a follower. I super appreciate more because you do all this from your phone?!!! It no be beans for

Gospel Girl said...

You are such a blessing to me with all your kind words and comments that you always leave on my blog.

I pray that the God of all comfort will see you through all the things happening in your life at the moment.

I will be praying for you that you come out of this stronger and better in Jesus name.
Hugs sis . x

Muse Origins said...

You know, i know exactly what you are talking about! Def survive! yesterday i heard this message - pain is a process, a transition. So don't focus on the pain, focus on where the pain is taking you to- bigger better and more beautiful places


And thanks for still looking for me besides the blogroll fiasco. Did it get sorted out?

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Good to hear you are standing strong. Not easy I know.
May your faith continue to see you through all challenges. Amen

enybees-hub said...

Thank ‎​you "in the midst of her" and GG I say AMEN God bless ‎​you

@LDP you're really a motivator,that's a great ‎​gift bro

@Muse thanks gurl,I still don't see yours on my dashboard but I try to find ‎​you.

enybees-hub said...

NIL I say AMEN. Thank ‎​you...not easy but God will carry the burdens ;)

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