Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi to all my dear readers, I've not been following blogs lately- at least from Thursday till now so I've probably missed some post. Its been a very busy weekend and not had the slightest time to read blogs,will do so accordingly.

Blogging has taught ‎​​me that life/relationships at all levels is a two way thing- Father-children, God and His people, husband-wife, boss-"servant"(employer/employee), blogger to blogger,‎​ℓ☺ℓ - and relationships require a lot of patience, time. respect, commitments and lots more.

Blogging says to ‎​​me,"I am community" of people who love to write, share and have feedback/comments. I enjoy writing so people can read, but I MUST also enjoy reading people's blogs and dropping comments. This curbs a self-centred attitude, opening ‎​​my heart/mind to learn so much from people, widen my knowledge, understand people's perspectives about life and lots more. To say the least, blogging is fun and more fun when its two way!

However,I thought to put up a little post to say that GOD HAS BEEN AMAZING! I ​​​am not only talking of a God in the good times but a God who "remains God" in moments when the battle looks fierce and tough. God is ever present fighting unseen enemies and using every situation to shape, groom and beautify us for days ahead. Thank God he doesn't have to expose us to battlefronts because in Him is VICTORY. Honestly, a lot of us can't fight alone and no "super-humanness" can help. Its ONLY by His mercies we aren't consumed.

As a person, I'm learning to rest from musing over hardships,challenges, fearful times etc to say GOD IS AWESOME. God has proved to ‎​​me that he's got ALL things in control. I don't mean to steer up some empty sentiments and some superficial praise here o but a genuine one to celebrate a GREAT and MIGHTY God . My desire to remain thankful to God is to teach ‎​​me to rest, rely on Him and believe he's in charge. I'm learning to look away from everything to celebrate God's mercy, favour, grace and help.

I encourage all reading mine to STOP and THANK GOD for: life, hope,courage to forge on, victory, health, salvation, family, love, good jobs, a better tomorrow and all what not. Take it from ‎​​me, GOD IS THE GREATEST of all beings this world could ever have for in him is LOVE and LIFE so he deserves our sincere gratitude.

Have a splendid week ahead thanking God as ‎​you go.

Btw, I have loads of testimonies to share so watch this space in a couple of months :D.



Eny, I agree with your perspective of blogging. Since I joined the community, I've learned a whole lot and I must say, its a blessing.

Yes o.. the very essence of thanking God, is to let Him know He alone has got the driving seat... Let Him just carry go while we sit back and rest on Him cos we already have the victory before every battle. Halleluyah!


@ilola said...

I join you in thanking God o. For yesterday, today and all the tomorrows I will ever have.
Blogging has changed my life a great deal

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I thank God too.
For everything - good and bad.
Hope you are well

Triumphant said...

My sister, I know all about Mighty God. I get overwhelmed when I think of all the Mighty things he has done in my life. Let us continue to magnify His name.

stelzz said...

you're right about blogging. I'm already learning so much too even as i'm still fairly new to the community.

God is indeed awesome. I'm thankful and grateful for life, love and everything in between.

looking forward to your testimonies

Gospel Girl said...

Amazing, this is the second blog I've come across today that's talking about thanking God.
I give thanks for who He is and all He has done in my life, He is truly incredible!

deolascope said...

Thank you so much for this post. Really touches my heart. I'm 'STOPPING' right now... said...

Thank you God. I refuse to let the 10% I am not happy with cloud the 90% that I am happy with. Because there's always a reason to thank Him. Thanks for the reminder and I will be watching this space.

Naija4Life said...

Very inspiring post and your emphasis on thanking God for the many things that we can sometimes take for granted is refreshing.

I will defintely join your blog as I like inspirational writings and stories just like the one I've just read.

omoba-adeteju! said...

a very thought provoking post...thanks for sharing learning how to live a life of gratitude...

Myne Whitman said...

We often forget to do this so this reminder is very welcome. I thank God for our lives and for His blessings, and hopefully soon our relationship will pass blogger levels, :).

os said...

"As a person, I'm learning to rest from musing over hardships,challenges, fearful times etc to say GOD IS AWESOME."

True. In him we have VICTORY!

P.E.T. Projects said...

im a proof that delay is not denial and so these days i just pump up my praise without wondering when the other needs on my list would be met. Blogger is like a play ground for distant family members, unrelated by blood/marriage to support each other thru the ups and downs of life.

Okeoghene said...

There is nothing like gratitude, cos it makes the person want to do more. I thank you God for everything.

Chizzy D said...

nice perspective on favorite part about is the community defiantly.

enybees-hub said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Really appreciate all the comments,so sorry for replying now and not doing so for each comment. Truly I enjoy blogging and reading people's...
Myne as ‎​you said,I hope we all meet off blogger and hope I'd know all the anonymous bloggers too :).

Thanks for your comments :)

Ginger said...

My friend calls me a blog addict and i keep trying to explain. These are a community of friends online though it may be. The give and take of reading and commenting on each other' blogs is like visiting their homes and breaking bread :P

I'll keep praising Him always.

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

It is indded a blessing to belong to a blogging community where one can learn and share.

I join you in thanking God for so much.

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...


Anonymous said...

God be praised forever and ever! His faithfulness is overwhelming.

I feel like I should have started blogging eons ago... :) Better late than never.

Beth said...

I thank God for each new day and ask Him to help me make the most of it.

I have been blogging for over 6 years now and have made many new friends.

enybees-hub said...

I want to say a BIG thank ‎​you for all your kind words. Thanks to everyone who's following my blog newly, all the messages are awesome and thoughtful. Thank ‎​you so much :).

See ‎​you soon

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